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March randomness

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere we go! March randomness. I absolutely love these each month, even if they are a month behind (Geez)

If you pay attention at all, you know that my big little guy LOVES my little little guy. He simply can't get enough of him. He can't get close enough, can't get enough smiles, can't get enough laughs, etc.. Just can't get enough!! This night was no different. I put Dane down on his mat and Chaz zipped right in beside him. He had to tickle, love and snuggle on him. Seriously,!!
"Um Mom, I know you love this but the kid is squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing my head off!!" (kidding!)
"No really, save me!" (really, kidding)
"Ok, ok.. I'm calling for backup!" (Really, really.. he is ok)
Chaz kept saying "What are you doing little boy?? What are you laughing about?? What are you doing??"and Dane would just giggle. Oh, it was the best thing in the world for this momma to watch.
And then he laid back and started showing Dane the toys hanging from above. It was such a sweet moment to watch him teach his little brother something. I heart these two!
I came home late from work one evening and found this.. Kid in car seat, car seat in wagon, bib on kid, husband feeding kid. Hey, whatever works.. right?
Mom was sick, Dane was sick and they decided to commiserate. I hate it when the people I love are sick but there is nothing like curling up with a little one. Ahhhhhhh.
Chaz and Papa decided a good past-time would be picking up acorn toppers at my parents house. There are more of these little toppers then is even imaginable. I mean seriously, the bag in the below picture ONLY contains acorn toppers. I think there is a need to call the law for violating child labor laws. I think my dad is using Chaz to his full ability and Chaz is loving every minute of it. The unfortunate part is this bag made it to my house. As much as I tried to get it to stay at Gaga and Papa's house... it traveled south to mine.. Ugh.
One of the sweetest things about little boys is they love their mother. Mine is no exception. He is so thoughtful.
and then he decided to play in the bird bath. Possibly one of the grossest things ever.. BUT he is a boy and he is four. Inevitable.

After we left my parent's house we headed to the baseball game. We were very excited to enjoy and afternoon game and meet up with some friends. If you follow you know that usually baseball games warrant a separate post because they are so much fun that I end up taking a ton of pictures of said festivities... .not this time.

About 30 minutes into the game the temp started shifting tremendously--it would get very hot with zero wind then the clouds would come in and it would get chilly and windy. it was no fun for me so I knew Dane was not enjoying it.  It was getting to be lunchtime and I forgot a bottle so, after seeing several other mommas nursing under cover, I decided to feed the boy.

Although I see NOTHING wrong with nursing in public (as long as you try your best to be discrete) I still felt a little weird. I made sure the majority of folks were none the wiser and decided to go ahead. Dane was ok but he hates to be covered so I knew with the temp change he was continuing to grow uncomfortable.  When he was done I put him up on my shoulder to try and burp him. He began to moan and whimper but I figured he was just fighting sleep, there was a lot going on and he likes to be the life of the party so it wasn't so far fetched.

I turned him to make sure he was ok and that is when it happened. (if you are a weakling, skip to below the picture and save yourself from this story) He projectile vomited all over me and him. My lap was a puddle. It went on my shirt. It went down my shirt. It puddled in my bra. It was all over him. His sweet, white, hog onesie was now pale yellow. I leaned him back a bit in order to clean it up and it happened again. All over poor baby's face. It was tragic. I look to the hubs for some backup... "Hey, Ryan. Hey! Hand me something!!" He hands me ONE wet wipe. Seriously? One? One measly wipe?? Really? Then he turned back to the game. WHAT?!?!?!?!?

My friends are looking at me as if I have a leg growing out of my neck, my baby is screaming as he has puke in his eyes and my hubs was an excellent assistant with ONE wipe. Shoot me now. Oh, and I stink.. BAD!!  I wiped the baby's face, stood up, whipped my hand around my head and said "Round it up! We are out!!" I mean, did they expect me to stay with an obviously sick baby, covered in puke (COVERED) in the heat??? Um, no. We are o.u.t! I headed to the car with Dane and told Ryan to pack it up. For the books. Yep, for the books!

These are the only three pics I got. 1) Chaz playing with his Power Ranger.
2 & 3) Dane, pre incident.
The hubs got this picture one morning. The littlest was still a little under the weather so while his daddy was getting, Chaz decided to be the best big brother in the world. Melt.heart.yep.
This may be the most random of the post. Yes, my father is probably yelling at the computer to see my car so stinkin' dirty but I love this. This little hand. Mmmm, yummy. Even in dirt.
And here is something new. You laymen may refer to this as a fort but in our house this is called a spaceship. Yep, SO much cooler than your run-of-the-mill fort. BTW, I'm not really sure the difference but my kiddo does and that is all that matters.  THIS is a spaceship.
This is as well.
And this is my precious little astronaut sleeping in his spaceship.Can you spot him??
Tummy time. Neither of my boys really mind this. I hear horror stories so I know I am blessed that they are happy on the floor. Cute munchkin face!!
Yep there he is, my sweet little photo hog. He said he had to get in and pat the baby. Hilarious. Yep, sure is!
One weekend when we were at my folks, mom and I had to run to the store. She has a car seat in her car so it is super easy to just toss this boy in the back (the little guy was with my aunt) Chaz stole my sunglasses (because his terrible momma forgot his) and starting reading the book my momma bought him. I sent the pic to the hubs and he said he looks like a blind kiddo. Yep, I can see that.
Before we knew it, he was O.U.T.
Are you "with Miller?" Do you know who I am talking about? If you don't, you should. If you do, you should do something more. Donate. Understand. Love. Post.
Even before I was a mom, it broke my heart to hear of a child hurting or passing away. You are not human if this doesn't shake you.. but after you have a kid it cuts in a place that is indescribable. It hurts. To the core. I am so impressed with the strength of families that go through a loss. I'm not sure what other option they have but I am always so humbled by what the overcome and what courage they show everyone else. The Woodruff family is one of these families. I don't know Meredith or Patrick (or Cole or Miller) from Adam. But I follow, I stalk, I have a TON of mutual friends. And because of all of the above, I claim myself a friend, a supporter. I love this family. I wish them so much happiness. Miss Meredith is currently pregs with a baby girl and I have to say (as creepy, stalker as it might sound) I wept when I read the news.

Rewind to March 2011, I had just found out I was pregs after suffering a miscarriage.. I walked into Dr Birch's office for my first visit. I was nervous beyond belief but as I was sitting on the table waiting for Dr Birch to walk in and I looked up at the board with all the birth announcements..I vividly remember seeing one of the best announcements I have even seen in my life. There was  precious boy, with the most porcelain skin, perched on a blanket of fabric strips, with the cutest pouty lips and with the most beautiful dark hair. I remember going home and telling my hubs how I wanted to recreate this precious pic when my new baby was born.

Within a month I had learned who this little tike was... and his story. I became enamored with his story and the strength of his family. I continued to follow this story for his 87 days of life and beyond. The announcement was never taken down and I looked at it ever single visit. It gave me strength and made me appreciate the vivacious four year old I had at home and the one on the way. Meredith will probably never know she has taught me to be strong, believe in your kids, love every day and don't give up. God bless you Meredith, Patrick, Cole and Miller. You have all had such a profound impact on my life.. you will never ever understand.
As with all random posts there are a bunch of pics from my phone.. Cute baby!
Cute, tired, morning baby
with a side of brother
I love his one crazy eye. Not sure why it did that in this picture.. it is not normal.
and sweetness. pure.true.sweetness
Ryan (and the boys) bought me new sunglasses for my birthday. It took me a few weeks to figure out if I really loved them. After this self pic, I do. Please ignore the extra set on my head. ;)
The shirt above is the same as what is below. As of March 16th it has been a year. We miss you everyday, Justin. The "LOVE" sign is a screen of an original that Justin carved for his girlfriend, Mauriahh. Love. 
Nighttime shots with my snuggle buddy
and some upside down.
Rough night. I love my hubs. He is the best about getting up with the little guy when I need my sleep. Dane is just now starting to sleep through the night more than once a week. His brother was sleeping through the night at about 6 weeks but with Dane having RSV and allergies, he hasn't been so lucky.
Could he be? Nope, nothing cuter.
Well, this guy is pretty stinkin' cute. How many of us used to do this (or still do) HA!
One afternoon Chaz came in from out back with a lump of these in his hand. "Momma, I picked you some real pretty flowers!!" Um no, those are weeds.. Hubs, time to mow the lawn! But it is always the thought that counts so i put them in a glass of water and sat them on my counter. By the end of the weekend I had 5 glasses full of "flowers." What a sweet boy!
Spotted this bit of goodness in the NWA mall. Yep, "Playerz" Watch out!
And this. One of the funniest things I have seen on FB in a long time. Love me some Payton!
Teething? Who the heck knows..
And after that Chuck E Cheese trip we ended up at Red Robin with The Redheads. My child decided to pretend he was The Statue of Liberty. Cuteness.
Dane got some hug-time with one of the Redheads (my Aunt Sandra)
And in our family, you earn your keep. Not really... we don't pay him. Oh c'mon, I'm just kidding. He loves to "wash" the windshield. Check out his determined face. Love it!
He then fell asleep in the car. His brother started crying and I kid you not, Chaz covered his ears. I was crying with laughter.
 Cuteness in motion. 

 Happy Random March everybody!!

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