Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day off = Chuck E Cheese

One Friday, the kid's school was closed and I decided to take the day off and have some fun. Chaz classifies days as "school days" and "hang-out days." Obviously Saturday and Sunday are hang-out days but when we have an different day off we call it a "bonus hang-out day." I got to say, there is really nothing better!!

We started out the day at Chuck E Cheese. I know, what the heck was I thinking? Well, we started early and got to ChuckE at 10am. That is what time they open so there was nobody there. Literally, nobody. At first I actually thought it was closed. It was fantastic

As soon as we got there Chaz headed to the monster truck. I am sure you have seen past posts you know this is his favorite thing. We have pumped more than our fair share of tokens into this beast.
and of course we had to let little brother in on the fun. Doesn't he look excited?
Chaz was so excited that his brother was finally able to do something fun with him. I think this is just a little look into the many years to come. Love these two!! (Yes, that is the hub's arm..Dane isn't 100% a sitter)
Sweet baby loves to hang with his daddy.
Second favorite game, guns. I know, I know. He is only 4 and probably shouldn't be able to shoot guns. Well, he is four and a boy. I really think it is inevitable.
Next favorite is the water shooting game. This is only a game for mommy and Chaz. He tells Ryan he "doesn't have the skills" Hilarious!
And yes, he always beats me.
Baaaaaaaaack to the monster truck. I told you, we have pumped more than our fair share of tokens in this beast.
Chaz also always sits in this thing. It is obviously a game for kids who are MUCH older than him but we let him pretend. No pumping money into this thing, it is simply for show. 
"Mom, I am tired. This place is exhausting. Can we blow this popsicle stand??"
Sorry, kid. We must subject you to a few more photo ops before we head out and your brother has picked the police motorcycle that was clearly only built for one kiddo.
Dane wasn't really sure about this thing.
Back to Daddy's shoulder while brother and momma started a game of air hockey.
Chaz loves air hockey and is actually quite good at it. Although he gives into the thing that we all know is cheating.. stopping the puck. Usually, he does this so he can tell me something, not necessary to cheat.
"Momma, you need to pay attention and stop taking pictures. If you don't, you will lose." Good point buddy!
He then decided to wreck shop on his daddy. I tell ya, he is good!
Before we left we had to take a spin on the Chuck E Cheese car that takes a picture. Again, Dane was not all about this but he humored us. Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me find the picture. But it was terrible. Almost totally white and you couldn't even really see their faces. I'm not too torn up about losing it.
And then he managed to nibble on his brother's watch.

We also managed to all squeeze in for these lovely family photos. If you have never had the pleasure of trying to work this machine, getting as many faces in a tiny little hole as possible and smile/laugh/etc.... You are missing out! Enjoy!

We stayed an hour and that was plenty of time for us. I packed up the kids and headed to Bentonville for lunch with the redheads (Also known as my mom, my meme and my Aunt Sandra) The boys were worn out and took a good little nap that afternoon. Excellent bonus "hangout" day!

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