Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chuck E Cheese // Random funday

Yep, totally random and lots of fun. We picked up one weekend afternoon and decided to head to Chuck E Cheese. I know, I am brave.

The little man was sleeping..
And the big boys were ready to have a good time.
I even got in on the action. To be fair, I love this kind of stuff, I am just usually behind the camera. And yes, I totally let him win .. *wink*wink*
I love this one, just because the little one is on the floor (in a car seat of course, the Chuck E Cheese floor? C'mon, that is just gross) 
It is ALWAYS a must to find the shotgun game. Look at the kiddo's stance. HA!
He means business!
And he wakes!
Who can blame him with the sounds of the death match (aka Air Hockey) going on above his head!?!?!
I love random days. I love random fun. I love my boys!

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