Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome 2012!!

2011 brought us one of the most amazing gifts ever -- DANE! But we are happy to welcome 2012 and see what fun and exciting times it will bring to our family and friends!

We didn't have any New Year's Eve plans and I think I would rather put rusty needles in my eyes than go out on Dickson so we headed to Bentonville to spend time with the family. Although this might sound lame to some (no offense fam) it was a lot of fun!

We actually put Chaz and Kelsey in a room and let them watch a movie. Chaz said he wanted to watch Spiderman (referring to a cartoon DVD he has) so Kelsey obliged with the real Spiderman DVD (a la Tobey Maguire)  I found this slip rather amusing and since the boy was enjoying himself, I just let him watch. It can't be that bad, right? I went to check on him a few times and Kelsey had it under control. Unfortunately, I didn't even get a picture. Before I knew it he was asleep and Kelsey had put him in his bed. How awesome is that?

Bettye was able to get some snuggle time with Dane before the baby stealers came in...

Baby stealer #2 spent some quality time with Dane
and then he spent time cuddling with his PaPa.
who was "resting" his eyes until midnight....
We played the card game 31 for a long time (a favorite in our family) and then we decided to play a friendly game of Guesstures. Can I just tell you, this game is a blast!! We had the best time playing. I actually wish we would have started sooner because it was well past all of our bedtimes!

Ryan assisted Alexis in explaining the rules.
Mom got in on the action!
Michelle played but also was in charge of keeping Bella (her dog) out from under our feet
 Kelsey and MeMe. Aren't they cuties?!?
Ryan may have been the funniest of them all. I won't explain as it is one of those stories that really wouldn't be a funny.. you know, "had to be there"
Teddy was a trooper and played along as well.
And Alexis held her own
MeMe was nursing a hurt arm so we gave her a pass. The dogs decided she needed a snuggle buddy (or two)
At midnight we had to have a pause in the game for a Champagne toast. Yes, this may look like a normal picture of folks just waiting for the Champagne to be opened.... but....

This is the part you should notice.. Please take a look at all facial expressions.. We should have known by the look on my Dad's face that this was not going to turn out well.  And it didn't.  I don't really like Champagne anyways so it wasn't really a loss for me but when we all toasted the New Year the Champagne was bad, really bad! Throughout the room you heard a simultaneous "oh, ugh, yuck"  Yeah, that bad.
Time to wash down the nasty drink with some black eyed peas. Yes, we all get a spoon and my Aunt Sandra walks around with a pot of peas. Most have a tradition that you eat the peas on New Year's day but in our family it is the FIRST thing you eat that day.  What better time than 12:01!
I just thought Alexis looked super cute in the picture so I had to post it. Isn't she just precious?!?!
I even decided to dance with her once the ball dropped. HA! Yes, this old momma can still cut a rug.. Did I just say "cut a rug?!?!" Oh my!!
Kelsey also got in on the dancing fun!  I think all the parents thought we were a little nutty. At least I had the excuse of some adult beverages :)
Welcome 2012! I hope you are good to our family and friends, including our little set of four. I hope you bring comfort and peace for those we know that are in pain and are suffering. May the Lord bless them with as many days as they can take and give them peace at the end. May you welcome new life to our friends who are welcoming new babies into 2012.  May you offer patience for those of us with toddlers and newborns (or any age of kid for that matter! HA!)  May you give us strength during difficult times and smiles during the happy times.  May you offer more happiness and good times than sorrow and sadness. May you open our eyes and hearts to becoming better people, both for ourselves and for those around us. Most of all may you remind us with the little moments throughout the year that we are blessed each and everyday -- to know the people we know, love the ones we love and have the things we have.

But most of all 2012, I hope you bring health, happiness and some welcome change.We are looking forward to all the New Year brings!!

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