Monday, December 12, 2011

Gobble Gobble..

So yes, I am very late posting this .. and even worse I think my camera spent the majority of the day in the case. Fair warning this is not going to be the Thanksgiving post of years past. There are a few quick shots but that is about it. I didn't even take a single picture at my in law's house . Epic holiday fail. Just wait, I will make up for it on Christmas :)

I did capture this sweet moment between my boys and my dad. I just adore all three of them. There is just something about a Grandpa (or PaPa in this case) and his grandsons. My dad is very fond of them and they of him.
 Chaz managed to wrangle the camera out of my hands and have a little "photoshoot" with his little brother. I didn't think he was going to stop taking pictures. I decided to just post them all because 1) they are funny and 2) They make my shortcomings on Thanksgiving photos look a little better :)
 And then it was time for lunch. I am not a huge Thanksgiving food person and actually could go my entire life without holiday food ever again but my daddy is nice enough to grill me up a yummy steak so I am a happy camper!! Dane decided to nap during most of the meal, which was fine by me!
 Chaz ate chicken nuggets. I have no idea where he gets his finicky eating habits. *wink* *wink* (and there is that black eye again, roughly a week later)
 Sweet Sidney. She is a MUCH better eater than Chaz. However, I really think all she wanted to do was hug on Chaz, sit by Chaz, play games with Chaz, etc. Basically any and everything that had to do with Chaz made this little girl happy! Love her!
 After lunch we got to have some playtime with Evan (Sid's little brother) He is such a handsome little man. Love those blue eyes and sweet dimples. I could just eat him up!
 Nap time for the boys. Shocker! I was actually successful in getting Chaz down for a nap on Thanksgiving. Are you kidding me?? I have no idea how that worked out but I will take it 100%!!
 Alexis found a friend in Sid and got in a little story time.
 and Michelle was able to get some cuddle time with Dane. I think she likes him :)
 That is it, that is all I got. I know, fail! I promise you my loyal followers~ I WILL do better for Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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