Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dane - Week 2ish

Well we are working to get into the swing of having a four year old and a newborn. Ryan and I work very well together so it has been fairly seamless, so far. Since Dane relies on me for food, I tend to be the caretaker of him. Ryan takes the task of wrangling Chaz. Chaz has been a wonderful older brother. All he wants to do is love on his little brother. Sometimes he loves a little too tight but we are working on that.  I have also been blessed with lots of help, meals, etc from some pretty wonderful friends and family. Thank you ALL!!!

Our week consisted of the establishment of the baby belly button. Goodbye umbilical cord!!
Dane got to meet his Uncle Shane. I think he was quite fond of him!
As usual I could not stop taking pictures of him. I am infatuated with this little guy. (I did the same thing with Chaz. I think I had 600+ photos in the first month. I learned from the first child. I am not even close to that bad this time!)
Remember I mentioned all those helpful people? Well, the three redheads (Mom, Meme and Sandra) wanted to do anything and everything they possibly could do to help me. I go a TON of food.. Mmmmmmmmm. Anyways, if you know them you know that they cannot possibly sit still so after doing many "normal" tasks around the house, they decided to clean my windows. Yep, you heard that right!  I heart them and my windows look phenomenal!!
Some more wonderful things about this little guy... his sweet feet
and his cute, little, skinny baby legs. I am still wondering when he is going to plump up!
Milk drunk. Love it!
His favorite spot when watching evening cartoons.
Jason and Kate came over one evening and brought us some wonderful chicken chili (mmmmmmmm) I didn't get a picture of Jason but I did get one of Kate snuggling up with Dane. He loves her!
This is what I see every night before I go to bed. No, my life could not be any better. Yes, he keeps his eyes open just a little bit... just to make sure I'm still there. Once he has confirmed I am not going anywhere, he is off to sleep.
This is the first smile. Yes, I realize this was probably caused by gas but in my mind he was smiling at me.
and one of my other favs. The thinker :)

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