Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dane-- First week or so.

It was like we had been transported back to the first day of parenthood. We remembered some of it.. but other things I think we completely forgot.  HA!!

As with Chaz, we stayed in the hospital for two nights --Hey, it is what insurance pays and we have nurses to take care of the baby AND us. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts because when you go home, you are on your own!   Ryan and Mah got the first dirty diaper (score one for me!)
Our hospital room was a little cold, so my husband decided to sport this awesome look!
Simply smitten.
Marcy and Campbell came by to meet our new little man.

Campbell kept telling him "Hello"
And of course, Meme and Aunt Sandra had to come love on the little guy.
Gaga and Papa took Chaz for the night. When they got to the hospital Chaz wanted to check Dane out. He was certain he had teeth. Ummmm, no.
Still looking for those nonexistent teeth. Isn't he a cute big brother?!?!
Papa has another little buddy.
Chaz really wanted to sit in my lap and hold his little brother. This is now one of his favorite things to do.
Day two was the day of visitors. Everyone was very excited to see this little guy. We have been waiting on this little angel for a LONG time!

Aunt Michelle (or Mis-shelf as Chaz says)
Uncle T-Rex
Uncle Gayle
John was working at the hospital and was sweet enough to stop by. I wasn't sure if he was going to hold Dane, you know how boys are, but he was itching to get him. Look how happy he is. Love it!!
Aunt Jaclynn and Uncle Jason stopped by. We also had a visit from Aunt Lindsay and Gramma C but I failed to take a picture. AGH!!
Mah and Dah brought Anna by to see Dane. She was just a year and a half when Chaz was born. Now she is so grown up. Love her!
She really wanted to hold Dane and did such a great job.
The next morning we just sat around and waited for them to release us. They had to draw blood and all that good stuff. Then when we thought it was time to leave there was a rush of babies coming into this world. I actually heard the first cries of one through my hospital wall. What a sweet treat!

Ryan can multitask. HA!
Then it was time to switch into our going home outfit. I struggled with what to put him in for weeks. Actually, I pretty much had a panic attack the day before they flipped him. After lots of trekking around NWA looking for the perfect outfit--fail--I opted for something I had received from my Meme. This obviously added a little extra something special to the occasion.
It is a sweet little onesie that says "Born in 2011" and of course I had to toss in the awesome Razorback hat!
Pack him up!
Yep, we will keep him!

Welcome home little buddy! (no, I didn't plan the giant Razorback flag in the background but it is very appropriate!) 
That evening Chaz was very happy to be home and have his little brother home. And he had to show off a little. Why not? He had not had mommy and daddy attention for a few days! This was his "ninja stunt"
And then he sacked out. Notice the cute Spiderman dog Build-a-Bear. He loves it!
This little guy was ready for his first night in our home. Daddy wrapped him up like a little burrito. He is a MUCH better baby wrapper than I am. He slept very good that night. Only waking a few times. Blessed!
Of course, the next day I just could not stop taking pictures of this little man. I mean seriously, could he be any cuter?!?!?! I am so blessed to have two perfect, happy, healthy, wonderful little boys in my life. I am not sure what I did to deserve it but I will take it!
Insert my silly husband.. He thought it was a good idea to put the baby in the play baby stroller. I know.. 
 *note: no babies were harmed in the taking of these pictures*
A few days later the flood of friends started bringing us dinners and treats (mom and dad cooked for the first few days, Mah cooked another three dinners) I tell you, you quickly realize how loved you are when you need a little help. The outpouring of help in many, many forms was so overwhelmingly wonderful. I cannot tell you how truly grateful I am to have such wonderful family and friends!!

Mike, Destiny and Cooper were sweet enough to bring us JJs. MMMMMM! My favorite!!
Snuggle time every afternoon when Chaz gets home. Literally all he wants to do is kiss, hug and hold his little brother.
I love this picture. It makes me giggle. It would  have been better as a video but I will settle for this silly picture. Chaz wedged himself in between the boppy lounger and my mom. He couldn't move and probably couldn't breath but he was close to his brother which is all that mattered to him. HA!
I received a lot of flowers. I loved having them around the house. So pretty!

There is nothing like snuggle time with a newborn. They melt into you and don't move. Heaven.
and you are well aware of my obsession with feet. These are pretty cute in my book!
He is obsessed with this little guy. This night was the night of Eskimo kisses.
After he got into his pjs he decided he wanted me to hold him and his brother. Notice he is making me hold both their heads. Silly boy!
These crack me up too! Is is like he is says "Oh the horror!! Oh the shame!!" But why would he be saying this??
Because this is now his "normal"  BAHAHA!
I actually have a lot more energy with this baby than I did with Chaz. My recovering has been pretty quick and easy. However, there have been a few days that I just needed a nap. And what is better than napping with a baby. Ryan found it very funny that we mirrored each other in the way we were positioned.
Chaz decided he wanted to read Dane a story one evening. And he did. Well, I guess he probably memorized the book but still he managed through the entire book without any help from me. So stinkin' sweet!
and Dane was wide awake for the entire thing!
Random picture from my phone. His hand looks HUGE to me!

First doctors visit. 10/18. He dropped in weight (which is typical) He was born at 7lbs 5 oz and this day he checked in at 6lbs 9oz. He was a little jaundice as well. However, overall Dr Swindle thought he looked great and was progressing well. I was told to eat more in order to get his weight up and we would need to return in a few weeks.
This is his old man face. I think I get to see this about a hundred times a day. Pretty much my favorite thing.
Tiny. He is actually in the crook of my legs as I am sitting cross legged. What a little peanut!
And this happens all.the.time. How on earth does he manage to flip his paci behind his head. I will look around forever and this is where it will be hiding. Adorable!

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