Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pregnant and snarky..

With tomorrow starting an entire new chapter in my life, I have gathered some "brilliant" comments that have come out of fellow coworkers, family, random people in the mall, etc.  I know it is hard to find the "perfect" words to say to a woman who is 9000 months pregnant, I'm not judging.. I just think these are hilarious. 

I also decided to add what would have been my snarky comment if I was quick or rude enough to respond. Instead, I just giggle inside. Thank you people for providing some comic relief to this VERY pregnant momma!!

Question: Have you had that baby yet?  
Snarky answer:  Yep! Had him and am back to work. Don't mind this bump --it is all for show.

Question: I bet you are ready
Snarky answer: No, I think I want to be pregnant for the rest of my existence
Question: You are about to pop!
Snarky answer:  I don't really have a "snarky answer" to this one. I just have to say, I love that the verb "POP" is used when describing a pregnant woman. Really? Pop??

Question: You are still here?? (work)
Snarky answer:  Nope, I'm just a pregnant figment of your imagination

Question: Are you excited?
Snarky answer: Nah..
Question: Are you having him naturally?
Snarky answer: No, I was thinking about having aliens abduct him out of my uterus. I think it would make for a great news story!!
Question: What time/when do you think you will have him?
Snarky answer:  12:39 and 22 seconds.   Really? Haven't you heard these baby things are a little unpredictable? It kind of adds to the excitement.

Question: Still pregnant?
Snarky comment: I really can't even come up with one here.. just REALLY?!?!?!?!
I really wish I would have started this list early into my pregnancy. The list would have been MUCH longer. People have no shame when it comes to asking a pregnant person a question. But again, it is all in good fun and I appreciate the laughs!!!

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