Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New rooms!!

I have mentioned a few times that we were redoing Chaz's room and I am finally getting around to showing you what we did! We had to do something with Chaz's room so we could "steal" the furniture to use in Dane's room --the full size bed converts back into a crib, we planned ahead!

We decided to go with a Razorback theme, not that this is a shocker to anyone. We had many things we had been collecting over the past year or so in preparation for this switch. My in-laws got Chaz this sweet painting for his birthday. So in this corner we have the painting, Razorback chair, football and jersey signed by Darrin McFadden, "Go Hogs Go" and "Touchdown Arkansas" signs, Razorback football helmet, first game day tickets and of course the Razorback Mr Potato head football player.
We decided to get Chaz a bunk bed as he has a bunch of cousins and friends that will likely have sleepovers in the years to come. But we didn't get the standard ol' bunk bed. No, we went with one that had a staircase on the side and a bookshelf. It is supercool!! The stairs have storage drawers and there are more drawers under the bed. Ryan also installed lighting above the bottom bunk with push button switches so Chaz can work them himself.  LOVE IT!!!
The other "must" addition was a desk. Our little boy is getting older and we figured a desk was something that he will use and love for years to come. He already loves it so much!! He has specific things that go in each drawer. We have been schooled ---Paper in the top drawer. Pencils, markers, crayons, etc in the second drawer. Finished work in the bottom drawer. We covered the back panel of the desk with cork so he could put his latest artwork on display.
You will notice the canvases in both the above picture and below. We pulled these from the theater room and I think they fit perfectly in this room!! We also reused the suede picture frames --above. I love how it has all pulled together! I can't wait to add little Razorback pieces as the years pass. Chaz LOVES his room!!
Now onto Dane's room. There is a little bit of a back story with this one. We originally planned for my mom to recover all the baby bedding from Chaz's room --Yes, I kept it in storage as I didn't know what to do with it and honestly couldn't bring myself to get rid of it. Anyways, I found a very cute fabric online and ordered color swatches. It was green, blue, red and brown in strips, dots and swirls.  When I got it in everyone was on board and said it was very cute. Unfortunately, we discovered they were back-ordered on several of the patterns bringing the production of Dane's bedding to a screeching halt.

After many hours on the Internet and several visits to every fabric store in NWA--I was at a total loss. UGH!  Then I came across sock monkeys. This was originally one of my ideas with Chaz's room but I didn't want to "over theme" in Dane's room. Then Ryan mentioned he never really liked the original fabric I picked. I guess when it is not an option, the real opinions come out :) 

Anyways, I jumped on board with the sock monkey theme and I am sure glad I did. I heart his room!! We also saved some time and money because we found the bedding on Etsy (LOVE Etsy!!) and it was actually cheaper than having my mom buy the fabric and recover the old.  We did buy some fabric to make changing table covers, pillows, a cover for the lamp, etc.  What do you think???
Mom bought me these cute metal monkeys YEARS ago. I have always loved them but couldn't find a good place for them in the new house. I think the lamp may be one of my favorite things in the room. My mom and dad recovered it for me. LOVE!!
I also purchased the vinyl lettering from Etsy.
I reused the shelves from Chaz's room. No, I haven't put pictures in the frames yet. Ryan points this out daily! I'll get there. I promise.
My mother-in-law had this picture painted for Dane. Something else I love!
And the creme de la creme--my Dane's lanterns. This was a project, let me tell you! But after MANY hours of work (my sweet friend Sally slaved away with me!) they were done... and yes, I LOVE them!!!
I hope you enjoyed a little look into the rooms that hold two very special little boys!

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