Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bikes, Blues and BBQ 2011

Bikes, Blues and BBQ has quickly become one of the biggest biker rallies in the United States. Before kids, we would spend the majority of the time down on Dickson Street hanging out in the fog of biker exhaust and congregating with an "interesting" crowd. But now days.. well, life is different. This year, I couldn't even fathom trying to manage Dickson street, nor did I think it would be safe at 38 weeks pregnant! So, Ryan took Chaz down to walk around one afternoon and we decided to hit the parade after the Hog game on Saturday.

We checked out the parade route online and decided our best bet would be somewhere on College Avenue. We decided to look for a nice grassy spot to set up shop. And we found a great one! Then we waited, and waited, and waited. It took forever for the parade to reach us but we had a very patient little one.
It did help that he got some chocolate from a random early biker.. it only took a few bites for him to realize he doesn't like Butterfingers. :)
We had a few (45) minutes to waste so Chaz took the time to put Ryan in his place.
He gathered some toys from the car and played. Why wouldn't you bring toys to a parade??
Pulled the chairs up as close to the sidewalk as possible. This was AFTER he realized the bikers were going to toss candy.  He decided he had to be as close as possible.
Finally!! (and yes, I was a little miffed when I realized this pole would be in the way of the majority of my pictures.. damn)
These two were the first..and Chaz's favorite. He is still talking about the big bad wolf and little red riding hood
The weather was wonderful and the bikers kept coming and coming. Chaz loved the police officers, something he sees every day..HA!
And then the chaos began. Now please note: there were ZERO kids around us, ALL the candy was his, there were even nice people next to us who were picking up candy FOR him... but he was very, very concerned that he was going to miss a piece. By this point he wasn't even looking at the bikes, just the insane amount of candy being launched at us!  "Momma look, Momma you see it?!?!?!"  Total chaos I say!!!
and back to the bikes..
And my boys. Man, how I love these two. Could they be any cuter?!?!?!
"WAIT?!?!?! My candy!! It is down there!! Somebody may get it!!!" Did I mention everyone had left our little grassy area?? It was just us. Nobody was going to get this kid's candy but he simply could not concentrate.
Whew, that was a close one. Those non existent people could have swooped in and grabbed the kiddo's candy. Thank goodness we got it picked up in time. Note the baseball bucket on his right arm.. FULL of candy! This kid doesn't even really like candy. HA!!
Well, that was the extent of our Bikes, Blues and BBQ --well that and a dinner at a local BBQ joint. But we won't talk about that experience as the little guy was not quite the perfect dinner guest. We will just leave it at that. :)

 For your viewing pleasure..Last year..and the year before ...

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