Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy shower day, Dane!

My sweet friends and family were awesome enough to throw me a baby shower for Dane. I heart these girls!! They were super crafty. I think it has become a "what is next" in what cool decor we can think to do. My Aunt came up with this super cute hot air balloon. The picture doesn't really do it justice. I loved it and am super jealous that I didn't think of it first.
My cousin's oh-so-talented friend painted these letters for Dane's room. LOVE!!
Sally, who is self admittedly not uber crafty, made this fruit boat stroller. I am very, very impressed!
The cake. LOVE! And Chaz loves all his new shower ducks :)
The flower arrangements were downright gorgeous!!! Teddy is super talented AND I got to take them home!!
Jaclynn came up with a great (very crafty) idea--Onesie, bib, burpcloth, pants and hat decorating.  I have seen this on several blogs but always thought "That is too hard" or "Oh, what a mess"  I am so glad the girls were not on the same lazy level as me because the things turned out SOOOO cute and everyone had such a good time making them.
and what is a baby shower without babies?!?!?!?

The sweet, and just under a month old, Evan. I think I held him the majority of the shower. I love him!! He fit perfect on my belly. Although, Dane wasn't too thrilled to have his cousin on him. He kept kicking him. Evan would open one eye and just look at me as to say "Ummmm, can you make that kid stop??"
And little Cooper! He looks just like a Gerber baby to me! He got passed around the shower. I told Destiny that she wouldn't have to do anything with him because as soon as she entered the house people would take him... and that they did. I don't think Destiny held him until they got ready to leave :)  Isn't he a doll?!?!
Present time! This was so exciting for me. Last time around it was getting a the gear for the new baby. This time it was getting all the new gear for the baby. There are so many things that were not around 4 years ago when I had Chaz. The lovely Itzbeen, I know I will love this thing. The labels for the monthly shirts (I am opening below) Such a cute idea! I took pictures every month with Chaz but I didn't have these cute little uniform stickers that I could put on him each month. LOVE IT!!
At the last minute, I mean VERY last minute, I decided to go with a theme. This wasn't my original plan as I didn't want it to get too "themey"  But I love sock monkeys and I went with it--originally I was just going to go with dots/stripes in browns, blues, greens and reds. But this is MUCH cuter (Pictures to come once I get the bedding)  My MIL had this cute guy hand painted by a local artist. It even has a little heart with Dane's name on it. LOVE!!!
If you follow me you probably have seen many a picture of my Meme sitting on the ground, folding tissue paper. We do not waste tissue paper. Well, she found a kindred spirit in Katy. They sat, chatted and folded the entire time I unwrapped gifts. Happy as clams.
Aunt Glenda getting her "Cooper time"  I told you, Destiny didn't get him back until she was leaving.
What is this?? Well, as if it wasn't enough for my sweet hostesses (Lindsay, Aunt Cheryl, Michelle, Aunt Sandra, Meghan and Sally) to throw me a shower, they were OVERLY generous and got me a new flip camera and a co sleeper. Yes, due to the distance from our room to Dane's room he will be sleeping in our room for a month or so. Did I mention I heart these ladies?!?!?!
This is hilarious to me. My cousin's girls get a kick out of being taller than Meme and mom. (I know, most people are taller than Meme ;) But the tallest... Yep, she is the youngest!!
Meme (85) Alexis (16-Well, almost in this picture) Mom (for safety reasons I will say ...29) Kelsey (12)
What a blessing to have such wonderful people in my life! Thank you so much for giving me a FANTASTIC shower. I could not have had a better time!!

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