Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Branson weekend with the cousins = good times!!

A few weekends back my SIL Meghan was going to be in Branson for a Scentsy convention over the weekend and thought it would be a good idea for the rest of the Hills to join. They planned to take all the kiddos to Silver Dollar City and White Water. Well, considering it was over 100 degrees we decided to opt out of Silver Dollar City. I just didn't think that was a wise idea for this preggo momma.  We decided we could definitely do White Water on Sunday and would just drive up that day. Then we got a call from my MIL offering to take the boy. YIPPEE! I was so excited. He would have a blast and Ryan and I would have a chance to catch up on our honey-please-do-before-the-baby-is-born list.

We sent the boy off with the in-laws about 8am and headed back to the house to start tackling our list. My SIL Marcy was nice enough to keep me posted throughout the day on how much fun Chaz was having with all his cousins. He had a blast! And so did the rest of the crew.
They all rode the BIG swings....even Mah!!
Brandon, Ben, Anna and Chaz

Jackson and Chaz were like two little peas in a pod! Literally.
And Mike and Cameron took one for the team and climbed in with the kiddos.
How stinkin' cute are these kiddos?!?!?! We are missing Brandon and Campbell who both decided they didn't want to get out of the strollers for the photo.
Jackson (3) Chaz (3) Anna (5) Ben (3) 

The next day, as promised, Ryan and I headed to Branson bright and early to join the family at White Water. I have to say, I was super excited. I love White Water and it gave me the opportunity to get in the water. Always nice for a very preggo woman in 100 degree heat!

On our way we had a few unexpected but necessary stops. As we were traveling through  Alpena (Yes, Alpena. Tiny town, look it up) we happened upon something I have wanted for a very, VERY long time. As soon as we saw it Ryan quickly pulled to the side of the road. You see, my brother has had one of these cuties for as long as I can remember. I love him and have never been able to find another one.. well, besides seeing one on some random person's front porch....to which Ryan forbid me from stealing. Whatever.   Anyways, my husband knew he was not getting anywhere without purchasing this little guy.  Did I mention I love him? GO HOGS!!

The second stop was just as random.. Turtle. Cute little guy and a nice husband who just can't go on leaving a turtle in the middle of the road. Yes, I married a good one.
I didn't get any pictures at White Water you would think that I didn't bring my camera.. But I did, I just never pulled it out.  I had a great day hanging out with the kiddos, hubs, sister and brother in laws. It was warm but not terrible. AND it worked out perfect that Campbell was ready for nap time after lunch so I just hung back with her while the rest of the crew braved the big rides. They don't let preggos on those things.  Chaz did decide that he was going to go down one of the HUGE slides. You know, the ones that induce wedgies. Well, he wasn't letting up when Ryan told him he was too little. He is three and big, right?!?! So, they hiked to the very top of the slide. Many, many flights of stairs. He said if the people told him "no" he would go back down. Sure enough, he was an few inches short and they told him "no."  He wasn't upset at all. He just told his Daddy he would do it next year. Yes buddy, we will!!

As always, White Water was very good to us and the boy was sacked out before we were even out of the parking lot. What a great day!
Overall, what a great weekend. The boy had a great time, we were able to get a TON done and we all enjoyed White Water. A+ on the plan Meghan, A+!

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