Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why wouldn't you go mini golfing in 98 degree heat?

Not to mention 6 months pregnant.. Well, I let my husband convince me to take the boy mini golfing the weekend of 4th of July. We were smart enough to go in the morning but it was still well above 90 degrees! It was ok when we were at the top of the course as it is surrounded by trees and shade but when you get closer to the bottom there is no hiding from the blistering sun. 

Chaz was super excited to go mini golfing. I am sure it has something to do with the fact that he can "legally" wield a metal object at a hard colorful ball. 
His technique was a little off...
no matter how hard his father tried to correct him.....
but all in all he was pretty good.
He had little patience for the game and we quickly learned that if we didn't move fast enough he was moving on without us. We basically got one shot. If we didn't get a hole-in-one.. he was taking over. He would say "Ok, I will make it in for you." A couple times of whacking at the ball, then he would go over and either push it in the hole with his club or kick it in. The game really began to resemble soccer in the end.
And the famous Gator Golf drink. Lemonade in an animal shaped sports bottle. Chaz loves them. And of course, we have an entire drawer full of them at home.
Ryan got an hole in one on the last hole --which is great because you get a ticket for a free game. And we were able to convince Chaz that he got a "Holy one" (as he says)  It was HOT as you can tell by the sweaty hair but it was well worth it. I love making these memories with the little guy!!

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