Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer = pool fun!

We we returned from vacation we got a pleasant surprise. My brother, Lisa and her granddaughter, Skyla, were at my parents house for the weekend. I had already planned on staying there as Ryan headed out for a boys weekend on the river.

Chaz was smitten from the moment he saw Skyla. Who can blame him? She is adorable. They were like two little peas in a pod. I don't think I did much this weekend as all Chaz would say is "I want Skyla to ___________" It could be read, eat with him, play, watch a movie, swim, etc. Didn't matter, he just wanted her.

They pretty much spent the entire weekend in the pool. Not a bad life for a 3 year-old huh? And they even got some treats along the way. "Cheers!!"
Love watching him eat a popsicle. It is hilarious. He decided it was too cold and he wanted to get back in the pool after 30 seconds or so. Not a problem for this preggo momma, I enjoyed the rest!

My dad got a little handy and made a BIG bubble wand. Yes, they sell these at Walmart but what is the fun in that? He fabricated a bubble wand out of a coat-hanger. Brilliant!
The kids thought it was very cool and immediately came up with a game of shooting the bubbles down with the water guns.
Dad quickly became an innocent by standard. But I don't think he cared as he was rather proud of his work. Take cover!!
I'm telling you, they really got into this game. Look at the face of determination!
And when the shooting didn't work?? He decided to throw his gun at the bubble. Pretty resourceful if you ask me!And then it was time to get that energy out of the system!!

They also decided to jump of the diving board and try to pop the bubbles. It was very humorous and even Gaga got into the fun! By the end of the fun Chaz was struggling to get out of the pool. He wore himself out!!

Chaz decided to breakout the basketball hoop. He was AMAZINGLY good. I think he only missed one or two shots. He would jump off the side of the pool and shoot. He didn't even cheat by jumping on the goal and "dunking" as my brother used to do. I know they are blurry but there was simply NO WAY to much going on to get a clear shot. I had a few but they weren't as good as the blurry, "in action" shots.. I love them!
This is my brother's "graceful" move.. Uh, not so much! HAHA! Love it!!
And why wouldn't you block the shot of a 3 year-old. Oh well, he has to learn competition at some point, right?
I think he likes his Uncle Shane.
Soon my poor brother became the train. This was the kiddo's idea and he wasn't happy until everyone was on the train!
and then the little guy hitched a ride himself. I am not sure what is up with the mini life jacket but it makes for a funny picture.
What a wonderfully fun weekend! I heart my family and I LOVE summer!!!

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