Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Outfield+Sun+ Friends+Baseball= happy me!

There is nothing like an afternoon in the outfield at Baum Stadium. All you have to do if put on your Razorback gear, grab the kiddos and enjoy some sunshine and Hog baseball!
The boys decided to have a picnic but couldn't quite figure out the "rules" they had a grass covered blanket, a few Ziploc bags of snacks, a granola bar and one juice box...hence the confusion.
Fletch being silly, as usual!
The boys had a blast playing with the football helmet.
Goofy kids!
and then something happened.. Something most parents of little ones NEVER see. They sat! They sat down for a good 30 minutes and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Razorback baseball. Heaven. Pure Heaven.
Chaz has been able to call the Hogs for years now. It is perfectly normal for children around these parts to say "Wooooooo Pig" before they say "Cookie." Mine is no different. As soon as the crowd starts cheering, he is up on his feet with his hands in the air. That is my boy!
And then the peace was over. The snacks kicked in and the kids got their second wind.
The chaos of having 3 boys. They had a blast rolling down the hill, laughing and getting tons of grass all.over.them. Is it summer yet????

FINAL SCORE: Hogs 9 - Delaware State 2

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