Thursday, December 23, 2010

Freedom is not free.............

...hopefully this is not new news to you. Everyday many men and women give their lives for our freedom, so we can live our mundane lives, so our children can grow up in a safe country and so we can say we are free. But remember freedom is never really free.
If you don't know about this event I suggest you look it up. Wreaths Across America. It is a non profit organization that places wreaths on graves of the men and women, buried at national cemeteries, who have served our country at one point during their lives.
For many years we have gone our to our local national cemetery to help place the wreaths. It is a humbling experience to say the least. A unexplainable feeling comes over you as soon as you see the flag. We bring Chaz with us. Although he doesn't understand yet, he will. I am determined to raise Chaz to thank Military men and women for their service. His daddy is that guy. He will walk across a crowded mall or parking lot to simply say "Thank you for your service." Once while traveling through DFW he picked up the Chili's tab (unnoticed) for a large group of service men and women. He makes sure I send a Christmas Card to the troops every year. I know all of the above a small in our world but they can mean a lot to someone who is sacrificing for our country.

My Papa was placed at rest in this cemetery so we always bring Meme. Chaz was very set on giving Meme the wreath for Papa. Although he was never blessed to meet Papa, he knows how much he was loved.

My cousin was also placed to rest here. Ironically, he is just a little bit down from my Papa although they passed away a few years apart. We place a wreath for him as well.

We also added a very special person to our list this year. Bob was the father of a VERY good friend of mine. I didn't realize he was so close to my family members until I saw a picture with his daughter visiting him. I decided I would find him a place a wreath for him as well. Chaz helped.
It is amazing that within 20 minutes or so all the graves have a wreath. There were SO many volunteers who came out to place a wreath. I am proud to say our national cemetery is 100% covered but sadly there are some that do not have enough wreaths. I encourage you to donate either time or money to this foundation. It is a sight to behold. Meme making sure every grave had a wreath..
My sweet husband even hiked across the cemetery to get a giant box (and overload it) of wreaths because Meme noticed some that didn't have a wreath. Love him!We were almost ready to go and I turned around to hear Chaz say "Meme, you got to do dis!"! God bless all those who have served, those who are currently serving and all their families.

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