Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pumpkin patch & corn maze time!

We had such a great time last year that we decided to head back to the Right Choices Corn Maze this year. We had a ton of folks coming with us from my side of the family (Gaga, Papa, Me, Ryan, Chaz, Meme, Sandra, Gayle, Michelle, Stephen, Alexis and Kelsey) so we decided to take the motor home. What a way to travel! We met up with all the Hills and it was time for a good time!!Chaz wanted to load every pumpkin in the wheel barrow "by himself" Ok, go for it kiddo!
and then this.. THIS is what happens when the pumpkin patch intersects with nap time. Oh well, gotta keep on truckin' While waiting for the cranky bear to settle down I decided to take pictures of the other cuties enjoying the pumpkin patch.. Ben was a little confused as to why he needed to sit with the big orange circles.Campbell was such a good little girl!
The girls are always great to have around. Especially with this many kiddos. Alexis loves to hug up on the babies!
and the babies love to hug up on her!Anna is quickly becoming one of the "bigger" kids. *tear* She is very lovey and helpful with the littler kids.
I thought this little guy was adorable, although he wasn't part of our crew, he settled right up next to my dad. I guess a cowboy knows another when he sees one :)Papa's shoulder makes a very good pillow at nap time.
Kelsey likes hanging out with the bigger kids. I don't blame her, they are a little easier!
The boys couldn't figure out why we had to have bands on our arms. Well kiddos, that is how we get to ride the hayride.
We all took part in the corncob shooting. Meghan was up first!
Then Chaz and Papa took their turn. I was seriously amazed at how far these "canons" could shoot the corn cobs and walnuts. It was very cool!
And then it was time for the slide. Let me tell you, the second I mentioned going to the corn maze this year Chaz began asking about the slide. This kid has the memory of an elephant. We never even spoke of the slides, he simply remembered it from last year. Crazy. Brandon is the "daredevil" so the slide was nothing but fun for him. I do have to point out something in this picture. At the bottom you will see his less than happy twin brother. Needless to say, Ben is not the daredevil of the family. and here is Ben in all his "fearless" glory!
Poor guy.
Anna loved it! Chaz loved it.. but only went down the slide once. You would think after talking about it for a month we wouldn't be able to get him off of it. Nope, one time on each slide was enough for him. I didn't get a picture of Jackson on the slide but you can imagine he loved it. He loves everything! I did get this super sweet one!
Now we all know Chaz has his Papa wrapped around his little finger but I never in a million years would have guessed he would have been able to convince Papa to do this..... Yes, my son was able to get my dad (who is 6' 4" mind you) into the cowtrain. HA!! He kept yelling "Momma, Papa is in the cowtrain.. LOOK!!" He was so excited!
and we even got a wave out of Papa. I think this needs to be his new Facebook profile picture.
Those blue bumps Chaz is holding onto? Yes, those are my poor dad's knees..bumped up against the metal of the cowtrain. What a good Papa!!I would like to point out that he is not the only adult in the cowtrain. Notice the man pulling up the rear. and then it was time for the ponies. Chaz is such a fan of the ponies. He doesn't care if they are at the cornmaze, downtown Fayetteville or at the local gas station on the corner. He loves riding the ponies. We were not really prepared for the weather to get in the mid 80s. I had jeans and boots on, ugh hot! And Meme, poor meme had double layers of a turtleneck and a sweatshirt. She was prepared for a snowstorm. So halfway through the day it was time to lose a layer. I still get a chuckle out of this picture. It was a combo effort by mom and meme to get the over shirt off without showing what was under the undershirt.. not that kind of cornmaze! :)Then it was time for the hayride. In effort to not irritate myself I will not go into the long story that I could about the childish girls that rode with us or the branches they kept flipping into our heads or the hay they tossed up that landed Nope, not going to mention it. It was a lovely hayride.

and here.comes.the.nap.......wait for it... wait for it....
O.U.T.As soon as the hayride stopped he was up again. Total sleeping time? About 15 minutes. Talk about a power nap!Cornmaze time! We opted for the shorter route 1) there is only so much that a cornmaze has to offer 2) have you seen the abundance of kids? We can't risk loosing one in the maze.. Chaz thought it was funny to hide in the hay and scare people!
Read the rules....It really wasn't our intention but we didn't read this sign before we went in and I am pretty sure we broke the majority of the rules. Let's see..
#1...broke it by hiding and scaring people
#2...Yeah, we have 5 running kids under 4.. we broke that one
#3... hmmmmmm, jury is still out
#4.. We didn't break that one!
#5...We tried but if there was a vote I think the "cornmazers" would say we broke it.
Back to that #3.. jury is in... broke it. Honestly, I had no idea until we were out of the maze and I heard "Momma, look what I got" Oh my.. Sweet baby Campbell hung back in the shade. Can't say I blame her!
What a wonderful day with ALL the family! Fair warning Right Choices we will be back next year!!

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