Thursday, October 28, 2010

"It's a BLIMP Momma!!"

The week of the Alabama game we saw this strange object flying overhead by our house.. What was it?? Well Chaz told me quite frankly "It's a BLIMP Momma!!" He was so excited. I didn't even really know that he knew what a blimp was.. oh but he did!So one afternoon we jumped in the car and head down to Drake airport. This is the old Fayetteville airport which is reserved for private planes. Obviously a blimp would fall in this category! We were not the only people who thought this was cool.Chaz was literally trying to climb the fence to get closer and closer to the blimp.. Sorry kiddo, not happening!Maybe if you yell at the blimp it will come closer. Actually, he was only concerned that it would land. He REALLY wanted it to land. I am not sure why but he kept saying "Land blimp, you need to land!" Very concerned. There it is.. THE BLIMP! It literally went up and down, back and forth for over an hour. And we watched. And watched. According to Chaz we were not leaving until this thing landed.. Ok.

This is where it was actually making it's decent. I have to say it is pretty interesting to watch a blimp land. If you look closely you will see some white "dots" under and to the right of the blimp. Those are people. The grab a very long rope that is attached to the front of the blimp and pull it toward a pole, very "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade." The pole, which you can see on the right side of the right picture, has a hole in the top that the rope is pulled through. This is very much like you would thread a needle. And then they were done. The blimp had landed.

He actually looks disappointed that the blimp had landed. It was all he wanted but then the excitement was over. Poor guy!

Well when you are bored what do you do?? Find something else to do! Like manhandle your Daddy!

What a randomly fantastic afternoon! Thanks Chaz for making us go see the blimp!

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