Wednesday, October 13, 2010

iPhone June randomness

We started June with a trip to the dentist. This was our first time to the dentist so I was very nervous. I really hate going to the dentist but I didn't want to let Chaz know that. We pumped it up for weeks so he was excited and not scared. We went to Pediatric Dental Associates in Fayetteville based on a reco from my friend Meredith. She was right on the money. This place was wonderful from the first moment we walked in. The place has animals hanging out of the walls, tons of things for kids to play with and big aquariums. Chaz loved the Tic Tac Toe board.

When they took us back we went for X-rays first. He quickly began to get nervous because Ryan and I had to stand outside the door and he had to put on the big, heavy lead cape. The technician couldn't have been sweeter but this was a lot to take in for a little guy.
and then it was time for the "real" chair. He didn't say a word. He did everything he was asked with out a whine or a cry... but didn't say anything.
I love this one.. it looks like he is "in" a straight jacket.. He was actually looking at this.. BRILLIANT!! A TV on the ceiling.. He was great.. He let them look at a clean his teeth.
He only shot me this one look of terror.. "Help me" But after an A++++++ checkup he received some coins for prizes. I am so proud of him and his first dentist visit. I guess all that brushing did the trick. Now we move into fluoride toothpaste---that is an entire different story!
How adorable is that smile! yep, here we are again.. it must be Saturday! One evening on our way home from dinner (see those pjs!) I asked chaz to close his eyes and go to sleep.. Love the results! Note: This is obviously after daylight savings time started. He goes to be at 8ish.. not 5pm :) An afternoon at our local Mall -- Pinnacle Hills Promenade -- would not be the same without a trip to the fountain. Chaz loves to toss money in the fountain and run around the edges.. While I have a heart attack the entire time hoping he will not fall in!!
Our resident peanut cracker at Logan's. He quickly discovered he did not like peanuts but he LOVED opening them for us.
Random cuteness...I promise this kid doesn't live in our car!
and then it was time for vacation!!! This year we opted for something closer to home and went to Osage Beach Missouri. It was a blast. I am a big proponent of taking the "bookends" of the vacation off of work. So the day before we left I was off work and we took our time getting to my parents house.. It was vacation so our first stop was "Chick Play"His lunch eating skills were not up to par and usually I would not give him a treat.. but it was vacation.. We decided to take our time and stop in Springfield.. We all decided to eat at Steak n Shake (odd for us.. but whatever) one foot into the door we realized it was WAY too packed for this hungry bunch so out the door and across the street to Cracker Barrel we went.. BUT not before I got a picture of this beauty in the entryway of Steak n Shake.. WHAT?? Seriously?? When in Springfield you MUST visit Bass Pro Shop.. again, no time constraints.. we just kind of wandered around for the afternoon. The boys played guns. "When in Bass Pro do as the Bass Proers do" and again.. it was vacation.. common theme is ice cream. Although he eats one bite and is done..
For the ride there we split into two cars Car 1= boys .. Car 2 = girls with the little boy. This was probably the best idea of the trip! Chaz and I sat in the backseat, read celebrity magazines and napped.. While my mom and Lisa sat up front.. chaz would lick his finger to turn the pages.. He would then comment on the people on the page "Oh I like that girl, she is pretty!" "Oh look at that baby, she look like Sidney"

When we got to our hotel ... we were those people.. Once we got to Osage Beach we quickly discovered we couldn't check in until 4pm! So we needed to grab a bite to eat. Off to Pizza Hut.. quick, easy and everyone would eat it!
"Close your eyes and take a nap"
Our view.. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
Within 30 minutes Ryan was walking and talking on his phone.. My sweet boy hanging out on the deck. "Fishing" off the deck. One afternoon Gaga took Chaz to put him down for a nap (LOVE HER!!) and let Ryan and I head out to the outlet mall. There I found my heaven.. Godiva. Now to be clear I am not a fan of chocolate.. but there is something heavenly about the combo of chocolate and a strawberry.. mmmmmmmmm!Indoor water park day!!! He doesn't look excited but he was VERY excited!!One morning we were just hanging out .. He was so cute playing with his plastic fishing worm.. He was giggling and having the best time....just doing nothing really. V.a.c.a.t.i.o.n!
Random morning pictures of him playing with a frog necklace his daddy got him...
Drinking my Dr. PepperBeing cute!
While the big boys went golfing the girls (and little boy) went for pedicures. Chaz was wonderful and sat on our laps. We would just pass him from lap to lap depending on what "stage" we were on. Before we went on vacation we made a list of things we wanted to do.. it wasn't a big list as this was to be a vacation of relaxation.. but we had to rent a boat, go to the indoor waterpark, boys to golf/girls to get pedis, outlet mall AND get an old time photo --just to name a few. So the last day we were there we decided to do the old time photo. The iPhone pictures are blurry to say the least but they are fun..
Chaz jumped in pretty quickly and began putting things on..
My dad.. He is from west Texas so it is easy for him to be a cowboy :)
My hubby.. He mixed north and south, east and west.. but with a little help from the photographer we got him back on track. Mom and Lisa trying to figure out dresses.. By brother.. Why wouldn't be be the Indian!?!?!?Fishnets.. oh la la!The boy's pants were a little too big!woopsie!Yours truely!Me and the boy.. Mom took this and just a split secon before she did we noticed a BIG sign that said "NO PICTURES" Oops!More of the boy.. he was moving around at the speed of light.. hence the blur. He loved doing this!
Then we mosied on over to get in our places.. There was this "set up" table with poker chips, cards, shot glasses and liquor bottles. Of course a 2 year-old would find this table intriguing.
Feels kind of weird to take a picture of my kiddo in front of a bottle of Cuervo..
and then the vacation was over... Poof, just like that! Chaz didn't understand the resort name of Tan-Tar-A and renamed it Tan-Sarah on day1.. so this was "Peace out Tan-Sarah!!!!"
Before we were all the way out of town I convinced Ryan to let me stop by the outlet mall and pickup some crocs for Chaz.. These are his favorite shoes.. and this is what happens when you send the mommy in unattended :) GO CUBS!Sleeping....HAHAHAHAHA! You fell for it too!!
and then this happened.... I honestly don't even think we were past Branson before the croc broke.. UGH! I have to say I am usually quite a fan of Crocs but when I emailed customer service (providing both the picture of the shoe and my receipt to show the purchase date) I did not receive a response..... and still haven't.. It is October people! BOOOOO Crocs.. But I am sure this isn't my last pair. Ryan did manage to "fix" it with a ziptie. So rescourceful!!
When we got home I was doing my normal Sunday evening review of the paper (of course including the coupon section, yes I am that girl!) Anyways, I saw this.. it is old news now but at that moment I was floored. It had to go on Facebook to see what kind of response I got from my fellow marketers.. There were many posts!! Diapers...that look like jeans?? I really have better things to worry about. and then this.... I returned to work with this.. (forgive the wrinkles under my eyes, i had been rubbing them I took the picture to have my mom "diagnose" the problem.. She got this picture in her email with the subject line "What the heck is wrong with my eye?!?!?!" A mother's work is neveer done. Yes, I am 32 and stll email my mom stuff like this. Love you mom!!!

I love this picture.. This was my view many an evening this summer. Ahhhhhhhh!
I guess we bite our lip when we are tired?? Precious!!
Some Triscuts in a bowl, Manny on the TV and legs crossed = happy boy!
And then a very sad day. One of my favorite people was moving away... Amanda Danish is one of the best people I have every had the pleasure of meeting. She is also one of the funniest people I have ever met. After many years at SSX she decided to transfer to our Chicago office....Great move for her, sad day for the rest of us.. But before we bid her farewell we had to have a happy hour.. Why not??!?! Tena was "nice enough" to buy Amanda a shot.. I don't think she thought it was so nice........Danish "GIVE ME MY BEER!!!" We miss you Danish!! I hope you are enjoying my iPhone randomness.. Next up: July!

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