Friday, October 8, 2010

iPhone April randomness

And so we creep into April iPhone randomness.
Every morning Chaz comes into our room to watch the rotation of Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny and Phineas & Ferb. This is a ritual and I love it. He climbs right in between our heads and sits for at least and hour. This give me thirty minutes of sleep and makes him a very happy camper. I get up and head to the shower while the boys relax in bed (not that I am jealous or anything!) Anyways, I usually leave the bathroom doors open, as he randomly yells things to me "Momma, look what I did!" "Momma, Daddy is snoring" "Momma, I put a sticker on Daddy's head" etc, but when it comes time to dry my hair I close the door. If I don't Chaz will yell that he
"can't hear the TB!!" Yes, TB. When I open the door I never know what I am going to see. Sometimes he is done with cartoons and has built some sort of structure out of the mega blocks around his sleeping daddy, sometimes he is literally sitting on his daddy's head watching TV, sometimes he has pulled toys from all over the house into our bedroom, you just never know... Like this day... Naked boy, in my underwear drawer, watching cartoons...I guess he couldn't see from the bed and I have no clue why he is naked besides the fact that he was 2...

I think since the time Chaz began walking, or maybe even before that, he has had a constant bruise of some sort on his forehead.. This day was no different.. He came home from school with a BIG goose egg on his head! And he slept in his chair that night (well, I moved him to his bed when I went to bed.. but he started here)Random moment on the way home from school.. Ponies at the gas station by our house.. Well, Ryan was NOT getting home without this cutie riding the horses.
I am a chap stick kind of girl.. and am raising a boy who loves "chompstick"
If you are my Facebook friend you know that usually on Saturday morning you will see something like this pop up.. "Happy Saturday" with a picture of my boy. He makes me so happy I figure I will share it with all the people I love!
When chaz was little he would eat like a cow. Seriously, he could take down 3-4 stage 3 buckets of Gerber food, 3 sticks of string cheese, cheese poofs, crackers, milk, etc in one sitting. Then he dwindled to a normal rate of eating.. and then he became a bird.. He would eat a few bites here, a few bites there but nothing big..I checked with the doctor multiple times and he was above the average height and a little below average weight but nothing to worry about. He still eats like a bird now.. He is so busy he can skip a meal and not think anything of it.. I try my best but you know what they say..."They will eat when they are hungry!" And boy did he... One night I went to dinner with my mom, aunt and meme at a wonderful Mexican food place in Rogers. Now the boy always likes beans and rice but this??? WOW! and this was no kids size plate. It was a big, full sized plate.
Super cool dude stole my sonic drink and lemon..
Car wash.. He usually isn't scared but it had been awhile. HA!
When spring came we quickly discovered we needed a trip to the outlet mall, why not?? So off to Branson we went. It was a great day just Chaz, Ryan and myself. First stop- Sonic for some Tea for me, Soda and breakfast for Ryan and tots for the boy. Look how happy he is!!
quick morning nap on the way. Of course he took down his window shade so he needed to wear his sunglasses. Then we stopped for lunch. I cannot even remember the name of this place, I think I forgot on purpose. The service was the worst of my LIFE! The food was ok but the service..ugh. Anyways, there was a cool horse up front and Chaz loved it so at least that part was good.
oh and to the other 3 people in the restaurant (that should have been my first clue) I am sorry that my kiddo let out his cowboy yell but I am not the least bit embarrassed.. not in this place! A reward for being good at the outlet mall.. A ride in the gross, germy school bus.
Oh well he loved it and even became pretty fond of the creepy plastic "thing" next to him.
What is that "thing" exactly??
and as an added bonus he rode on the gross, germy horse..
Did I mention we had switched to underwear before this trip?? Well, we did. We put him in a pull-up for the trip but he was almost trained so he refused to potty in his pull-up. Which is a great thing until he HAS to go and there is no exit, no McDonald's, no rest stop.... nothing but the side of the road.. I quickly discovered you do what you have to do. Or you send the Daddy to do what you have to do! Chaz was so proud of himself for peeing on the side of the road.. whatever it takes, right?
Groggy and sleepy I wake up to this.... Couldn't think of anything better!
Touch a Truck is an annual event held in NWA (and I think other communities throughout the states) that gives kids a chance to literally "Touch a Truck" They bring in firetrucks, police cars, tractors, ambulances, big rigs, etc. The kiddos can climb them, hit buttons, honk horns, etc.. They also have other activities such as face painting, Lowe's building sets, safety demonstrations and more. We were all amped to go and then the weather came in... cold and rainy. BUT we made the most of the time we had and he got to do 90% of the activities.. After a good lunch at JJs he was sacked out.. holding his Touch a Truck hat of course. Yes, I do take random pictures of my child sleeping. What mother doesn't? The are peaceful, quite, adorable, etc.... but this one has an extra bonus.... zoom out... Yes, he is out in a Walmart shopping cart. One of the most enjoyable trips to WM I have had in a loooooooooooong time. One day I was at my desk quietly minding my own business when I hear "OH NO!!" I go over to my coworker's desk to see what is going on and I see this........ Face in hands and his screen says "Attention: DANGER" Seriously? Is that a proper alert? What are you to do with that? Needless to say his computer was fried.. Uncle Jason and Chaz eating Pringles sticks.. Not the most interesting picture but for some reason I don't have many pictures of Jason.. weird.
Chaz has decided he is our stylist.. He likes to go into our closet and pick out our clothes or shoes.. He will say "Momma, you look really pretty in these" Now they may be 3" heels he is pairing with my Adidas pants but at least he is trying.. This day was no different. He picked out this shirt for his dad to wear. Now if you know my husband you know he is scared (literally scared) of Ketchup. Yep, he is. If you didn't know this.. don't ask. It really isn't worth more than a "He is a little weird" explanation. Anyways, our good friend Eli bought him this shirt as a joke. I used to wear it to bed when I was pregnant (it is surprisingly comfortable!) Ryan was such a good sport and Chaz was a happy camper. Have you ever seen a two year old put on flip flops? By the end of the summer he mastered the flop but this is where we started.
On our way to the annual Red/White game. It is a scrimmage for the Razorback football team in which fans can attend for free. This is considered his "Football game" for the season. He was pumped to go, although the look in these pictures looks more like terror.. Not sure on that one.
Love these next few.. I hear this WONDERFUL laughter coming from the back set.. I look back and see this (it is blurry because I was laughing uncontrollably)
Then this.. He says "Momma, you know I SO funny!!" Yes, son. Yes, I do!
After we digressed to sleeping in the rocking chair, we digressed even further to sleeping on the floor. At first I was rather concerned about this but then I find out from my mother in law that my husband slept on the floor the majority of his life. Not because he didn't have a bed, he did, but by choice. Who would choose to sleep on the floor when they have a perfectly comfortable bed right there?? My husband... and I guess my child. Oh well, as long as he is sleeping this is one battle that I am willing to lose.I think this may be one of my favorite pictures ever! I came home from work one evening and found him outside on the lawnmower.. Ryan was right there with him and the mower wasn't on, just so you know.. He looks like a Jedi and the fact that he is wearing his Darth Vader shirt really puts the cherry on top.. My funny little munchkin with the wonderful imagination!
More randomness to come!!

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