Sunday, November 22, 2009

Charity tree...

So a family friend asked if I wanted to participate in a charity event for the Alzheimer's association..The have a HUGE Gala in the middle of November where they auction off decorated Christmas trees and wreaths. I have always wanted to do a fancy tree so why not?!?
I mentioned this to my friend Sarah kinda in "hey, guess what I am doing!" she quickly said well i want to help you. THANK GOD! I don't think i could have gotten it done without her. We were in luck because our work let's us have 3 volunteer vacation days. We used ours to shop and decorate the tree and wreath (along with some nights, lunches and weekends!)
Our tree was a Kids Christmas theme. We went with very bright colors -- which are 100% outside of both our personalities and what we do in our own houses. However we quickly fell in love with this tree. We also did a Razorback wreath which became the redheaded stepchild because we loved the tree so much! Below is our plethora of stuff for the tree and wreath.

at first our tree was not taking shape as we originally envisioned. The green and blue ribbon you see was our inspiration.. (note this is in my garage!)
I found these adorable monkeys at Pier1 one afternoon. I called Sarah and told her we had a "monkey emergency" and I needed to go purchase them even if she had not seen them to "ok" I was very afraid they would sell out of them.. Yes I said "monkey emergency!"
one of our work days Sarah had to stop at Walmart before coming to the house. I was so excited I began to decorate the tree. I should have waited for adult supervision... because i broke an adorable ornament.. Honestly i did not even notice the word "fragile" when i took this picture. but it is very appropriate..
and then the tree started to take shape.. this is the topper (at partial completion) We had to take it off the actual tree for assembly because it weighed a ton!
and the beheaded tree.. just wait I promise it turns out BEAUTIFUL!

our sign for our tree.. :)
TA DA! Isn't she beautiful?!?!?

Oh and here is our wreath.. I love it but it was still not the favorite :)
What a rewarding event~ Sarah and I had a blast doing it and will most likely do it again next year.

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