Thursday, October 8, 2009


So at the end of our busy weekend (botanical gardens, hog game) we headed to the Circus.. It was the Clawsons (Mike, Meghan, Anna, Ben & Brandon) the Schmidts (Izzy, Sally & Fletcher) and us! Let me tell you we had 5 kids 3 and under and they were AMAZING!! The only mini meltdown was from our little one when the lights went out.. all that was needed was a little switch from Daddy's lap to Mommy's and we were good.. The kids all sat in their seats and didn't say a word... except elephant, pony, wow, motorcycle, cool, etc... all smiles!

Izzy and Fletcher (and Winnie) getting ready for the show. Look at the excitement on Fletcher's face!!
Izzy Fletcher and Sally
Ryan and Chaz looking at the motorcycle on the high wire.
Meghan and Ben
Fletcher with his snow cone..
Fletcher's face after the snow cone.. nice and red and sticky..
The motorcycle on the high wire..chaz thought this was the coolest thing!
The ribbon acrobats..
Elephants.. Chaz LOVED the elephants.. if I could explain how he makes an elephant noise i would but it is necessary to see it in person (sorry!)
The elephants would lay down in order for the girls to get down. Chaz said they were "night, night"

This is who i affectionately like to call Gumbyman! He was amazing.. He could bend and twist.. fit his body through a tennis racket... amazing!
and he put himself in a box.
Brandon on Mikes shoulders. Although you can't tell from this picture he had a great time
Ben eating popcorn.. the popcorn was a hit with the kids..

Brandon mike and anna (and her popcorn)
about 3/4 of the way through chaz headed up to sit with Aunt sally.. he was just as good for her as he was for us.. and he loved the popcorn..
Hood rat Brandon.
Mike and his little hood rat
So Ryan put Anna on his shoulders.. Chaz was standing on the ground and pointed at Anna and said "look daddy!" Like he had no idea there was a toddler on his shoulders... needless to say Chaz wanted to be held as well. So up he went into daddy's arms.
Sally was like a little kid when it came to riding the elephants. She insisted we do it and that Chaz and I join her and Fletch. At first I was reluctant to get on.. not because i was scared (as she thought) I just didn't have an interest.. But i gave into the peer pressure and hopped on board..
The pictures of us on the elephant make me laugh.. why? because the rope is right in front of chaz's face.. I think we only got one good one with his face.. he didn't care, he was having a blast!
There is it the ''good" one..
Fletcher's "no more pictures" paparazzi shot.
I had to add this one in because for some reason my husband took a picture of this SUPER creepy elephant trainer guy..isn't he scary???

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