Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday party x2

So at the end of July we celebrated two very special birthdays--meme and aunt Sandra. Meme is one of the most fantastic people ever made. She turn 83 this year and what a wonderful impact she has had on my life and those around me. Everyone knows who Meme and every quirky thing about her.... simply irreplaceable. My Aunt Sandra is my mom's sister and she is yet another guiding light in my life. She had a knee replacement a few weeks before the party (hence all the medical equipment in the pictures) so we all went to her for her birthday.

Chaz loved playing in the wheel chair and with the walker. He also affectionately now refers to Sandra of Bo-San. Which is a mixture of BooBoo and Sandra.. very appropriate!

He has also discovered that since he is little he can get away with almost of which is putting his finger in every birthday cake that is within a foot of him...

mmmmmmm cake...

Alexis and Chaz

Please note there is nothing wrong with meme (at least physically :) hee hee!) she just wanted to sit in the wheel chair and put her foot up in sympathy for Sandra.

Me and the boy! (yes, he has cake all over his face)

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