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and away we go!!!!!!!!! Vacation 09

WARNING: INSANE AMOUNT OF PICTURES FOLLOWING........So here is where we begin--from the moment Dad started talking of retiring he talked about getting a motor home and taking a family trip.. Well what better time that the present. So we packed up the beast and headed to SeaGrove Florida. We took off Friday the 5th of June and headed to Helena Arkansas to pick up my brother and Lisa. Chaz absolutely loves riding in the motor home. He is great for a kid of his age, or even older. He did great. Here you see his daddy and him crossing the Mississippi River.

Please know in this picture he isn't really driving, we are in a parking lot and he is playing.

What else do you feed a 1 1/2 year old kid who is in a enclosed environment for hours on end, SUGAR!!!

So this is our is one and we eating seat--probably the single best kids item i have ever purchased. Anyways, my mom owns this on and we (of course) took it with us and what a lifesaver it was!! He liked to put it on the floor, push on the tray and lock himself into it. HA!

So Friday night of our trip we stayed over in Canton Mississippi. We ate at the Golden Corral, not the best food but it was within walking distance and it was getting late. Our downfall of the dinner was giving the little guy ice cream. Dad had some himself and said it was like pure sugar. Well when we got back he was literally bouncing off the walls, beds and everything in between. He learned to crawl in and out of the pack n play, open and close the fridge, climb in the ice bucket and hide in the closet. about ten o'clock i was about to pull my hair out--this kid is usually sacked out by 7:30 at the latest. He did not crash until midnight. It took ryan and i getting into the bed (thankfully it was king size) turning off all the lights, putting chaz in with us and telling him it was night night time. Foot to head with Daddy he finally gave in.

Ok so after all that we probably shouldn't have messed with him but we had to! He was sort of talking in his sleep so Ryan kept asking him if he wanted to go night night to which he would reply "noooo" in his sweet voice, eyes closed and a smirk. I never got a great shot but hopefully these will help you picture it in your mind.

Here are some more of him in the motor home. For some reason he loved playing in his uncle shane's shoes (this became a theme of the trip) He also wanted to put on him socks.

Chaz driving while Papa napped..JUST KIDDING!

First moments in the pool.. yep they are in their clothes. What is funny is there was a GIANT sign that said babies must wear swim diaper..Day 1: first rule broken..

note sure why but in this picture Ryan's feet look very scary....

First moments at the beach, chaz wants to lick it.. Weird kid.

So excited to play at the beach!

Ryan and my dad decided it would be fun to build a sand slide. Chaz jumped in the hole they dug and would not stay out.. Ryan kept saying "chaz, get in your hole!" it was so funny. I am sure the people next to us thought we were abusive parents. HA!

He climbed to the top and was ready to go!

Ryan referred to this as his SCUBA gear. I had to correct him and note that it was really fins, mask and a snorkel.. not scuba gear.. Anyways I love this action shot. It makes me giggle everytime.

Me and my boys.

So another theme of the trip was "Klepto Cutie" Chaz would take all the toys at the camp next to us and bring them over like they were his. Luckily the kids and parents were very sweet and actually played with him a bunch (probably to get their toys back!) What can I say he is a daycare baby, where the rules are free for all and everyone shares toys.. Well at least i can say he is good at sharing!

Chaz stealing another persons boogie board. Makes for a very cute picture right? :)

Someone else's chair, someone else's bucket, but this is MY cute kid!

2 of my favorite things--baby feet and sand..

So every morning when we would leave for the beach chaz would get in the cabinet and grab a coffee cup from the GIANT bag of cups my parents brought. You will notice the cup shows up in a lot of pictures. Oh and yes these pants are the right size. I am not sure why they make swim trunks so big. I actually have a picture where it doesn't even look like he has feet. What the heck?!?!

not his bucket.... but he is cute

Shovel is not his, but the kids in the background are all of his new friends. We played with them at the beach every morning we were there.. They were very sweet.

Kickin' it in the beach chair (it is actually ours) with his daily coffee cup) Doesn't he look very relaxed?

i LOVE this picture but can take no credit for it. This was my husbands idea. We will do this same picture each year we go to the beach. My foot is on the left, ryan's is in the middle and little man's on on the right..

Chaz and Papa making sand castles. Well actually Papa was making all the castles and Chaz would smash them and roar. It was hilarious. If you know my dad at all you would know that my apple did not fall far from the tree. Dad and I are two peas in a pod. We are both very organized and OCD and it takes a lot for us to relax. I say this so you will notice the look on Dad's face. It is priceless and I can't believe it got a picture of it. To say i have seen this look many times before is an understatement.

Hands down one of my favorite pictures of the trip. One is because of the cute little guy but what i really love is the overwatching shadow of his father. What a good daddy!!

Mom mom's shoulder is one of his favorite places. At least once a day at the beach he would run up to Mapa and rest on her shoulder.

So I had to get a picture of this.. My kid is SOOOO his mother's child. If there is a broom and dustpan within arms reach he wants it. It takes and act of congress to get him to give it up.

Everyday after the beach we would go to the pool and hang out. However when it was time for chaz to leave he would let you know.. as seen in this picture... he grabbed daddy's hand and said "Go, all done" and he was.. off to the house and down for a nap within minutes.. can you say...creature of habit

we look like the water was freezing but it wasn't..too bad chaz isnt looking up..

Ryan asked dad to shave his head. he wanted a mohawk but again if you know my dad you probably would have guessed the very quick "nope!" he did however agree to shave it down to which chaz was thoughouhly confused..

We would call mom the Baby Whisperer because she could get him to go to sleep with the snap of a finger. It was truely amazing.

We had a little white picket fence in front of our place. Chaz loved to hide behind it--and these two are some of my favorite pics of the trip.

A little further down the beach was a spot where the tide would come in. It was very cool because it would get caught in this little "lake" the water was very warm and the "lake" was shallow enough that chaz could walk across it.

Every afternoon the icecream truck would come (music and all) through our little "neighborhood" I tell you this place was the greatest place on earth, Disney has nothin on Seagrove. Chaz doesn't get many sweet things to eat, mainly because he hasn't really liked them yet.. Well all that has changed. See to the right of Chaz and his first pushup. He kept dropping the icecream portion out of the holder and onto the ground.. what did we do? well we picked it up and put it back in the holder of course!

For Chaz's 1st brithday he got a Handy Manny playset. Well I had not unpacked it yet because it had an age of 3years on it. For this trip i decided to take it, however not without proper planning. The night before we left i took it out of the box and placed it in a secret bag so he wouldn't see it. It became my secret weapon. I promised myself i would not bring out my secret weapon until absolutely necessary.. Well one morning i came downstairs and Papa and Mapa had given it to him, they just couldn't resist. I was no ammo out of my secret weapon because he LOVES it. It keeps his attention longer than any other toy. I give this toy a 10!!!

Ryan and I developed a game most people would turn us in for 9notice the faces on the church group behind us) Anyways we call it "baby toss" the rules are simple...1) ask the baby if he wants to be tossed 2) if he says "toss" then position you and your "teammate" about 5 feet apart 3) bounce three times and toss the baby **if the baby is in a good mood let him go under the water for a little more excitement.

So i was sitting in a beach chair taking pictures of the boys playing in the pool. next thing I know Chaz has climbed out of the pool and over to the palm tree in front of me. He then puts his hands and face up against the tree and does this weird model pose. HA! He is the funniest kid I have ever met!

Mommy and chaz playing in the pool ...Good times!!

Chaz dunking Daddy in the pool. Besides "Baby toss" this is his favorite game.

Chaz loves to show his Razorback "tusks"

Showing his muscles.. What a face!!!

Another pic in the theme of "Uncle Shane's shoes"

"reading" with uncle shane

So if I haven't mentioned yet, chaz is very good at getting his point across. We do not have to wonder what our kid needs or wants to do. This is him heading for the door after putting on his swim suit. The only problem is that the only part he put on was the shirt and he put it on the bottom half of himself. Cute huh?

So we took the hint from the baby and headed to the beach.. I can honestly say some of the toys in these few pictures are his! Shocking I know!!

Uncle shane was nice enough to share his Gatorade with Chaz.

Two of the most wonderful people in our lives. Chaz really enjoys the time we get to spend with them and I am so greatful we are close to them. I cherish the memories I have with my grandparents and hope Chaz gets the same out of life! note: he looks very sad in this picture but he is just very tired.

And here is the crew. Not really the best picture but at least it has all of us. chaz was playing in a hole so we decided to leave him for the pic.

So Chaz found these goggles on the side of the pool...Yes, yet another toy that was not his. As nervous as it made me I knew I had to venture into the world of baby swimming sometime soon. So he strapped his goggles on and started swimming to Gma. He was pretty good and was not scared a bit. My mom says this was me. I am and always will be a water baby.

Chaz and Gma having the best time. They were watching Ryan try to skate on a weird skateboard that a kid in our neighborhood had. We were wondering how long it would take before he broke his head!

Here he is again putting the Handy Manny tools to good use. He was fixing the deck.....

Chaz LOVES Shane and Lisa and is constantly asking where they are. I think he secretly has a little crush on lisa!

So this is clearly not the best picture I have even take but I suffer from"behind the lens" syndrome. The qty of pictures of me in in the single digits so if there is one and chaz and I look half decent I have to post it.

One thing I am very sad to not get any pictures of is bike time. The first day we rented bikes for the entire family and a little cart for Chaz. He absolutely loved it. Ryan and I would ride miles everyday and on the days when it wasn't too hot for the little guy we would take him with us. Or wait until the sun was going do and do a short trip with him. He knew "bike" and was all about it! When we move we will be getting our bikes tuned up and buying a little cart for Chaz. It is SO much fun, who knew?!?!?

Well sorry to take a day and a half out of your life to view our family vacation pictures but i just couldn't bring myslef to narrow the assortment any further. Hope you enjoyed it!!!

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