Friday, July 31, 2009

Summertime=Funtime (more Kim and Emily visit)

More of our fantastic visit with Kim and Emily..

This is chaz taking his first taste of a Krisy Kreme donut...needless to say he loved it (note: his mommy has never had one!)
Swinging with daddy... There are MANY thing i don't condone but I do take pictures :)
Sweet little Emily enjoying my parents swing set.
Chaz decided the swim mat was "night night"
Swimming...YES, swimming at 21 months. He did have a swimsuit on with floats in it but he still managed to keep his bum lower than his head and his head out of the water. I was SO proud!
We would put Chaz on the side of the pool and tell him to wait before jumping in. He would then squat, put his fingers out and say "wait...wait"
Swimming race between chaz and emily

we set up a sprinkler spray mat in the backyard. I think Ryan forgot how cold it was to play in the sprinkler *grin* However, despite the blue lips and massive chill bumps the kiddos LOVED it!

and as with any sprinkler chaz thought it was his water fountain

Whoops! It became a slip and slide
Action shot!
more of the "wait" pose
More action! Needless to say they both slept SO good that night

This was hilarious. chaz decided he wanted to lay down on the lounger.. It was super funny because if you have ever seen these enormous swimsuits it is almost impossible to hold the kiddo much less for them to lay down
The next morning Gma made breakfast for everyone.. Chaz grabbed a biscuit and ran. He also wanted to put on his shoes as that is the porthole to the outside. Here he has both of the above mentioned essentials---closing the door on mommy to enjoy alone time with his biscuit and shoes.. we have added the third essential of outside.. the motorized car..

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