Friday, July 31, 2009

Party in the park..

So in the process of moving I have been asked many times what I will miss most about where we live now... I have to say it would be Gulley Park. We literally are a hop, skip and a jump to the park. good news is we won't be terribly far when we move (although we definitely will NOT be able to walk, HA!) On the 9th of July we decided to head to the park and hear some live music. Contagious! They were great and Chaz loved watching all the kids dance and play. So fun!

He pushed his nose up to the edge of his wagon. He thought this was the funniest thing!
Dancing a jig..
My little danger man.. standing on the handle of the wagon.. why wouldn't you stand on the handle of a wagon and drink your milk???
Yes, my husband has a mohawk....

We left the park around 9pm, well after his bedtime. needless to say he was pooped. no shoes, kicked back in the wagon..

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