Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Land of the free....

I have to say I love summer holidays. It is a time to relax, be with family, celebrate, reflect.... I cherish the time with my son and family. I hope the memories are ever lasting for everyone involved.. Many many fun years to come...

So what did we do the weekend of the 4th well like chiggers to my ankles we flock to the pool (i/e mom and dad's house) I was off work on Friday so we doddled around, ran some errands and then headed to bentonville... When we got there Papa and Uncle shane had set up a cool tunnel tent in the backyard for Chaz. He immediately ran to it with a huge grin and giggles of excitement.. Of course the puppies followed him. He climbed in and out and back and forth while Uncle shane and the puppies "chased" him. It was so fun to watch!

Then it was only a short amount of time before Chaz was jumping in the pool. I have already been asked why he was just in his swimmy so I guess I will explain... it was 5pm and the sun was going down.. i decided to pick my battles because putting clothes on this rascal is a challenge (much less a swimsuit with netting) So here he is swimming in only his swimmy and having a great time!

What we soon learned is Chaz really wanted to swim. He kept pushing off of Ryan and heading to the stairs.. I mean what is one to do?!? Well we gave him a little shove and he was on his way!!

And he made it!!! over and over and over he would do this. He was so proud (my heart stopped an insane amount of times!) and I was so proud.. My little boy is not a baby anymore *sigh*

and of course the high five from daddy!
and then it was stunt time.. Not sure why my child is positioned like a cheerleader but it was a good time for him. notice the look of determination on my husbands face. HA!

And then (as we always do) we must launch our kid into the upper atmosphere in hopes that he makes a safe decent back into his daddy's arms.. Success! However as you will notice the swimmy was a little behind on liftoff..
Then as a reward for his daddy catching him... Chaz steals his beer, look of the glee on this child's face * please note all babies were closely monitored in the holding of the adult beverage.. no sips were taken

On of Chaz's favorite things at the house is the gazebo you see in the background.. He loves to drag people out there, make them sit down and then run away. It is funny the first time :) Meme was the victim this evening.. Chaz innocently grabbed her hand and told her to " 'mon" (c'mon) She thought it was very cute and headed out to the gazebo.

which is not a short walk...

They played paddy cake... as kyle and karlee watched..

The next morning Papa decided to install the sprinkler for Chaz to play in.. Of course Chaz snakes the hammer and decides he is the better man for the job.. and yes, he is in his pjs.

He coaxes his daddy into playing in the water.. again, he is still in his pjs.
and then the little one (as cute as can be) just sits below the sprinkler.. he loved it!

Afterwards he grabbed Daddy's Dr Pepper and guzzled it down.. my reaction time was off this morning and I couldn't get it away from him fast enough.. oh well it is a holiday right? Grown ups use this excuse all the time..Why can't he?
Once we cleaned him up from his wet, grass covered pjs we put him into his swim suit ..yes, the suit this time. I LOVE this picture, he is hiding behind one of the chairs..
Later in the day Ryan decided to enlist Alexis and Kelsey for a much needed summertime mohawk.. remember he tried to get dad to shave one when we were in Florida.. well today he got his wish..

One of the things I remember the most about summer holidays is the homemade butterfinger ice cream.. i am not big on sweets but this is a little bit of heaven on a spoon..

Chaz is like his mommy in many ways but the most obvious would probably be our fondness for shoes.. Chaz really hasn't determined his taste as any shoe left unattended is fair game..
He walked Teddy back and forth in the shoes.. :)
After Chaz had fully mastered paddy cake it was time to move on to "row row row your boat" and who better to teach him than meme..
So I have to throw myself under the bus here... For years I have been in charge of packing for the family.. well now that we have Chaz this has become very challenging (more for me not to pack everything in the house) So when we went to Florida I told Ryan that from now on he would be packing for himself (he is 31 for goodness sakes!) anyways, i gave in this weekend and did the packing for him... maybe i shouldn't have... notice he has one black flop and one blue flop..
After a long day of swimming and playing it was time for pjs, mo (a.k.a milk) and Gma's lap.

Sunday morning Papa found a kadee did (sp) Chaz was not scared a bit and actually went to "hunt it down" He let it climb on his arm.. Until it got a little to close to his face--he told papa "no"

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