Friday, June 10, 2016

Chaz's last day of second grade // 2016

Yay for the last day of school! Can't you tell he is so excited to be outside for out traditional yearly picture?!?! I mean, he clearly looks pumped. Oh and on the last day, he can wear whatever he wants. It sort of matches, sort of.
A little happier in front of the garage. Maybe this is because he knows it is almost over. I refrained from posting the 25+ pictures I actually took. I am nuts. I know this.
And here is the comparison. He grew a TON, not that you can tell in this picture. His face is slowly becoming a big boy vs a little boy/baby. He has the same hair, even though the first day was right after a hair cut. He made new friends. He kept the old. He is smarter. He is wiser. He is kind. He loves sports. He has a soft heart. He likes to read. He LOVES math. He loves his teachers. He loves his school. He is simply amazing.
Last day of school certainly means the momma comes to eat lunch with him and his buddies.
And one of my favorite traditions.. Loading the van with kiddos and heading to the snowcone stand! Note: Chaz is hiding and this is before I picked up Hayes and Porter.
Sweet Lemley!
Mr. I'm-not-going-to-smile-for-real.
There we go!
And another Mr. I'm-not-going-to-smile.
Thanks. I guess when she takes you for a treat, you must oblige.
Yep, even I get one! Dragon's blood is the BEST!!
This is my crew that I was in charge of manning!
Crazy crew!
This girl! I am cracking up!
He wanted one like her but couldn't compare.
And this dude. Such a stud.
I am not sure what her mouth looks like but it makes me laugh. I think it looks like a pig snout!
Yes, the Collisters joined us and made for a super motley crew!!
I can't even. BAHAHAHA!
I seriously LOVE this crew. I LOVE this tradition. I can't WAIT to do it again next year!

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