Monday, May 23, 2016

Chaz Spring Baseball // Green Tanks // 2016

Well, we didn't get the best color of uniforms but it was still exciting to be in baseball season again. This year it was the Green Tanks. (The hubs always lets the kids name the team, which is pretty funny)
Eye black is essential to every eight year-old's baseball face.
And little brother must have a hat too!
Jackson was on our team this year, which is always fun!
Dane always comes with toys in hand.
Nice work in getting those pants dirty, Jackson!
Nice hit, Chaz!
I love these two people. They are just precious.
Nice work, Chaz!
Lady bug for good luck!
Love this one!
My favorite part of every game.
And then I find this.!?!
Getting ready for the next game!
The Hill boys. LOVE THIS!!
Have I mentioned how much they adore each other??
Watch this one through to the end. Great work by this duo.
Nice work, bud!
These faces slay me.
My little catcher.
So awesome! He is mine!
I love this one of Jackson! He is adorable!
And his dad was just a little proud of him!
Next game!
Look at that stretch!
This. OMG, Davis, you are a riot.
A sneaky little riot.
Siblings at the ballpark are one of my favorites!
Get it!
Favorite part!
Keep them humble and kind.
New game.
That would be my son making the play to catcher....
And he got him.
And this is what pride looks like on an eight year old.
No sir, not this time.
Sweet boy, playing with his Barbie. At least she isn't naked this time.
Jackson's turn.

Love these faces. HA!
And sometimes your kid has to step up and play catcher for the other team because the other catcher got hurt. You just do what you have to do, right?
He is a stud. Love this one!
Good kiddos!
The ducktail. BAHAHAHA!
This kiddo really stepped it up this year and became a great player! So proud of you, K!
Nice play, Hill boys!
Love this. Both the boys running in the same shot!
Not today!!
I love when they get THIS dirty!
 You can't see the full double play here because the ump gets in my way but Chaz did amazing!!
Look at the faces of his teammates!! Love.
And he hits too.
 Love this kid and his signature neon shoes!!
 Get it, son!
 And nephew!
 They were pretty pumped.
 I love the faces when someone hits a good one and they all get scooting.
 SOOO dramatic. I mean. Look at the catcher's face. HAHAHA!
 Brother and cousin paying a little attention to the short fellow. Precious.
 He loves to watch them play!!
 Nice work, boys!!
 Line up and "Good game" is pretty much my favorite tradition!
 I guess he didn't get dirty enough??
 And then they run....
 Love these faces!!
 Next game! He starts it out right!
 And Jackson works to get him around! Nice job!
 I love seeing them out there on the field together. Such great memories!
 This little guy played his first year of baseball ever... he previously only played tennis. So when he finally got a hit, we were all cheering!!!
 Back at it!
 I am pretty sure he had no idea how close this kid was too him.
 Just like that. Not today!!
 He had his time at catcher. He really does like to catch!
 Speaking of catch... nice one, Jackson!!
 And he got another run the next inning. Awesomeness!
 Love this kid too!
 And a good job from Dad is a good feeling too!
 Another from my boy!
 So good!!
 And Jackson came in right behind him
 They were so pumped!!
 Good games from Dads are the best!
 And from coach.
 And they run..
 And they run some more.
 That is my boy!!
 Starting another one out right.
 Nice work!!
 "Boy, you ready to run??"
 And another.
 I love this face but I hate that he is starting to look so old!!
 Another great play for the out.
 And this is his "pride" smirk. And yes, his hair is that long!
 And yes, he did it again. Another killer play!!
 And his daddy may have been a little proud of him. As well as the team!
 My fav.
 And they run.
 And they fall.
 Another day back at it.
 A pep talk from dad.
 And he was ready!
 And so was Jackson!
 And sometimes you play some of your best friends so there must be pictures and cheering for that side too. Good job, Mac!
 And the Hill boy combo got an out!
 And this precious boy! We have know him for a LONG time. Like he and Chaz learned to walk together in daycare!
 My boy!
 Nice hit, Mac!
 Nice play, Tanks!
I know, too much of the other team.... but really, this isn't the majors. I love these boys and will cheer and support them all!
 Especially, this dude.
 This one didn't really come out in our favor BUT it makes for a good shot!
 Jackson, always telling us what is up! Like what is up with red socks and how am I just noticing this. HAHA!!
 This guy. He is so good to these kiddos. He may sound a little rough but those are his words of encouragement in a growl. We try to laugh about it because he really does love these kids! Hence the knuckle bump to Mac.
 Nice catch! Notice the other team's coach clapping for it. I mean, THAT is what it is all about!
 He looks so ticked at me... usually the case when I take his picture but I LOVE this one!
 Line it up, boys!
 Good game.
 And then just a buncha boys who have been playing with and against each other for years, just get to be goofy boys.
 And then little brothers get to get dirty.
 Hayes slays me!
 And the hubs.... just being the hubs.
 I mean, just look at the pigpen! He is hilarious and adorable!
 I guess he wasn't the only one who wanted to roll in the dirt!
 Back to this... LOVE!
 Next game!
 More pep talking!
 It worked!
 Nice run!
 And another!
 I believe they were a little pumped!
And a slide from K!
 This face!
 Nice play again, Hill boys!
 This face!
 Seriously could not love these two anymore!! They are like brothers (So close in age with Chaz only being a few months older)
 And they are beyond goofy!
 And they run
 And there is nothing better than racing your dad.
 Look at that face! BAHAHAHA!!
Always supporting.
 And sometimes you play your friend again and your momma just HAS to take pictures! Go Mac!
 Nice play.. again!
 So much concentration!
 And sometimes I get a gem in the dugout. Preciousness.
 Nice job, my boy!!
 And my buddy!
 This face. I.can't.even.
 And then my camera died. I mean, how else would I end the season. BAHAHA!!

 Some of my favs and this is why..... This game isn't a hard game. You have to hit, you have to catch and you have to run (no pitching at this age just yet)  What is hard is staying in the game, staying out of your own head, being ok with making a mistake but learning from it as well and being proud of yourself. We have had some hard days. Eight is a hard age. It is easy to get down on yourself. It is easy to think you "did bad" BUT it is often even harder to be proud of yourself when you did good. This is my kid. Through and through this is my kid. He is his harshest critic. He doesn't need to know when he messes up, he has already put it through his head a million times. He needs to be able to celebrate his successes.  And when he feels his own pride, he does this awesome little grin. I'm so happy I captured it twice. I love this kid. I love to see him with this grin. I love to watch you play, Chaz Hill.
And these.. It is HARD to be the coach's son. He has been just that for 3 years. It is HARD to coach your son. He has done that for 3 years. They have struggled, they have fought, they have celebrated and they have learned. It will get better and it will get worse.... but in the end, they are there for each other. As opposite as they may be, they are slowly starting to understand each other. I am so proud to call them mine.
And this. These two. They are cousins.... but oh so much more. They have been friends since (almost) birth and teammates a few seasons. No matter what, they support each other something fierce. I have never seen two kids cheer for each other, not matter what the circumstance, like these two do! I love to watch them both play but I really love to watch them play together. Their bond is amazingly strong, which is shown on and off the field. They may not always be able play together but they will always support each other. Love this bond.
Kudos to a great season, Tanks! You were a great group of boys and so fun to watch play!

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