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#gangstarapandshiplap // Waco // 2016

When you are in the middle of a meeting with your best work friends and the convo changes from systems, schedules and issues to Chip and JoJo, Magnolia Market and when we can go to Waco, your ears perk up and the text roll to the hubs starts with "Hey, I'm going to Waco in a few weeks... Cool?"

I was pretty much that. A quick look at schedules, confirmations with the significants, a quick search on Airbnb and we were ready to roll. Fast forward a few weeks, an insane amount of car travel candy, tons of excitement and we were off!!!

If you know me, you know I am a car sleeper. I can barely get out of my driveway before I doze off in the warmth of the sunshine and the hum of the engine. Well, not this time. There was way too much laughter and gangsta rap for sleeping time....that and some work while we traveled.
We affectionately hashtagged this trip #gangstarapandshiplap  If you don't know us, you don't understand our deep love for gangsta rap and if you don't know JoJo, you don't understand her deep love for shiplap. In the end, it was SUCH an obvious choice.

And when Mer drives, it kinda feels like this...
We drove a good portion of the trip in the rain but then the sky opened up and the sun was shinning down. We MUST be close to the mecca! Waco here we come!!
And then this came up to my right. Clearly, this was a sign and it was going to be a FANTASTIC girls weekend!!!
We made sure to get pictures of just about any and everything we had seen on the show
We stopped for some drinks, a quick change and dinner. Note: finding dinner in Waco is quite the challenge....ugh. We did make it a point to take a picture in front of some of the iconic things. See the Alico in the background? Yeah, you may need to squint. Our selfie skills were not on point this night.
 One more try? Why not!
 After dinner, we decided to head back to the Airbnb, grabs some drinks and "treat" our Uber driver to quite the night. Yes, we loaded up the drinks, which I am sure is not 100% legal, and then we asked our Uber driver to drive us around to see the city.  I am pretty sure she thought we were some crazy ass southern girls. I can't really say I blame her. I mean, who does this? Oh, did I mention it was her first night?? BAHAHA! You.are.welcome.
 The original market. It was tiny!!
 More attempts at selfies. Yes, we are amazing.
Clint's place. I am also pretty sure, although we are probably not the only ones, they don't appreciate peeps stalking them throughout the night. Oh well!
Major stalking because that is his actual house. Mer was going to go knock on the door. We stopped her. Figured that may be just a bit too much.
Although Waco is a ghost town after about 7:30pm, it has some really beautiful buildings.
and the bridge is kinda badass. It changes color which is awesome. I couldn't help but think about how much my boys would had LOVED it!
And the coffee shop. Again, NOTHING is open after dark.... nothing.
Yes, we did a selfie with our Uber driver. I'm going to go out on a limb and pretty much guarantee she did NOT return to Ubering after this night. We were a blast but I am not sure she agreed. It may have been when we asked her to stop at the WAG for some more drinks. She was very concerned... Oh girl, we are from a crazy college town. C'mon now, we got this!
Such a random but oh so fun night!!
Did I mention it was the night of the Spring dance back home?? My hubs is awesome and decided to go ahead and take the boys.  I received these grainy images via text. I'm guessing the poor quality was to mask the fact they were downing Coke. Hmmmm.
Oh wait, there is a good one! Oh my.
The next morning we were up bright and early to grab some coffee (or tea in my case) and head to the Silos. Wait.... nothing in Waco is open before 9am??? What the what is up with the place????
We had to wait a bit and could have totally slept in but we did manage to make a quick stop by Common Grounds. This was the sign in the TINY parking lot. Hilarious.
More selfies.
So we stopped to get gas and to say Mer couldn't get it to work, was quite the understatement. I literally almost peed my pants. LP went to help and I documented the incident. Thank goodness for sunglasses hiding the tears rolling down our faces.
We have arrived. It was rainy and gross but we were all in!!
I seriously love these two!!
Yes, we asked a security guy to take this one.
So we heard the lines to this place were insane, hence why we woke up early and headed out... Well, we ended up being about 8th in line. I guess early for us didn't really translate to early in Waco. Oh well, it worked out for us!!
Quite possibly my favorite selfie of all time!! Meredith doesn't really take selfies, or at least ones of just her, so to get a selfie of Mer taking a selfie was just priceless!! Fav.
Annnnd, that is the line behind us. Suckers.

Mud and rain with my new, white Chucks is not my idea of a good time. 👎
Yes, you sign in. I already LOVE this place.
Those flowers aren't even real, yet so pretty!!
I didn't take many more pictures of the inside because it was a little crowded and insane BUT I will tell you, we just happened to be there during what they refer to as the "scratch and dent sale." We were pretty pumped when we heard this, thinking we would be getting some sweet deals but instead we learned it was more like "Broken and completely jacked up sale."

Some examples for your viewing pleasure.... This is a bowl.
This is a serving carousel. Yep, it should spin.
And you know I LOVE people watching.. This guy. Ready to be fully prepared and hydrated with his Mountain Dew and carrying clip. Amazing.
My ultimate selfie with my new BFFs.
Success. Note: I didn't buy that much. I was helping carry because Meredith's were HEAVY!!
Pano. This place was AMAZING outside too!! They certainly built it for mom to shop inside and the kiddos/dad to play outside. Well done!
And the garden was AMAZING! I wish I could have something this cool! I actually ate a piece of the lettuce but I am not sure where the picture is. I think it is on another phone BUT it was delicious!! Yes, I am pretty sure you aren't suppose to do that either.
It ended up being a beautiful morning. The rain let up and the sun was shining.
More of the garden. I was obsessed.
More people watching. Dog strollers. Enough said.
I loved it. I really did! I can't wait to go back!!
And then we headed to grab a bite to eat and see if we could find where Chip and JoJo actually shop.
We did circle back to see the line.. This is all the way down the main area and around the corner. Blocks and blocks of people.
And then there was this guy. Why not!?! Yes, it took us several rounds to capture this picture. SO worth it!
Again, food choices are limited but it was mainly bar food so I was happy!!
And yes, lunch drinks were necessary.
We stopped by Clint's shop for a little look.
and a selfie.
It was so pretty. I took pictures of things to build. Why would I buy this? I am certain I can build it!
We saw some of the houses they showed on the show. This is one of the sad ones that wasn't picked... "It has good bones"
We made it to the flea markets where Chip and Jo actually shop...and we saw some very interesting things...
I LOVED these. I would LOVE them for my back yard!!
Old school ice cream makers. I really thought my parents were the only ones who owned these anymore.
This. THIS is what they actually sift through.
Oh the sites to see in Waco. "Health Camp" Yes, please look closer. Malts, shakes, burgers.. clearly healthy.
Yes, we stopped for beer and water. Oh and a photo op with this thing. I mean, I am a hydrator but OMG. Where do you even sit this thing in your car?!?!?
Cheers, bitches!
This face. BAHAHA!
The first place we went into gave us the Chip and Jo map. Literally, a map of where they shop. We stayed pretty good with most of the places, obviously the beer stop is probably NOT on their map, but we did go into some pretty sketchy places. It was SUCH a good day!

I love this. Just freakin' love it!
Daytime shot.
Waco is pretty. It is kinds boring at night but it is pretty during the day.
#wacotown for when you are trying to be hip.
More things I can make. I just need a little inspiration.
And sometimes you find a FANTASTIC billboard and you may or may not have to do three laps before you can nail a great picture. I mean, "Dang it, I'm pregnant!" BAHAHAHA!!
Just sayin'
This was literally for sale in one of the markets. I am thinking JoJo would give it a hard NO!
Well done.
Creepy. I am not sure why LP is petting it but it is creepy.
More creepy. Her face says it all.
Another gem.
Nothing to see here, folks.
Yes, beers in hand, we swung by again to see the line. This time they were getting soaked. Poor peeps.
Who doesn't want a selfie with a llama. I know I did!!
And so did they!
And then there is this. Quite possibly my favorite thing ever.... tiny hands.
And Mer with tiny hands. Really, nothing better.
Tiny hands high five!
I NEED A NAP! These girls are crazypants.
Outside our Airbnb we had this cute little table and chairs so, of course, we made good use of it during our shopping break.
We decided to swing back by the Market. Oh wait, did I say "we."  Sorry, I meant Mer and LP went. Momma here took a mini nap. No kids = mini nap. Yes, Mer is a momma too but everyone knows she never sleeps. They also may or may not have met the parentals of Chip and Jo. I may be a little jealous but that nap was sweet!!
We are so tidy so I was a little shocked to take a stroll through our kitchen and see this. Slobs. BAHAHA!!
More of the bridge. I was mesmerized by this thing!
Yes, we selfied the bridge. Duh.
Did I mention the food options are a little, ummm, lacking? Well, the people watching is not! It is AMAZING!  Is that Theresa Caputo?!?!
Why wouldn't they add High Life to Spinach dip.  Classy.
After the pictures above, LP and Meredith challenged me with getting the shot of the "interesting" peeps. This guy. Wait for it. The stash was AMAZING.
And these dudes. Total bar creepers.
LP may or may not have dropped a chip in my shoe. How does that even happen?!?! My foot was UNDER the table. BAHAHA! We laughed a little TOO hard at this one!
The lighting was bad but PLEASE tell me you can make out this ten gallon hat. It was classic TX.
He came back.. and I got it!
I don't even know what this chick is doing but it has me rolling. People watching is awesome! Especially, in the only dive bar in Waco.
Well, all that excitement wore us down so we headed back "home"  It was time to cuddle up with our drinks and Kings of Comedy. Bring it.
I had a blast on this trip. We saw everything there was to see in Waco. We went to about every flea market in the area. We laughed so much the belly hurt like mad in the morning. We listened to more Gangsta rap than is humanly possible. #gangstarapandshiplap
I'll say it again, I am behind on the blog... almost a year. At the time I went on this trip, I saw these crazy ladies everyday. I sure miss them. We had such a blast!!!

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