Saturday, May 16, 2015

Branson with the buds // 2015

So the day I left SSX, we headed to Branson for a relaxing weekend with friends. First stop was to get gas. I couldn't help but giggle at this guy walking out of the gas station. I guess I don't usually go into gas stations because I always pay at the pump.. well, much to my surprise they make drinks the size of Texas. Why in the world would one need THAT much soda??!?! Good gravy!
These two are the best of buds. Dane, of course, brought along his mens. They play together so well!
The next morning we were up and ready for Silver Dollar City. The kids were so excited and the weather was amazing!
Aren't they precious? And yes, that is a mens in his hand.
The ladybugs. I swear Cooper could live on these things. He loves this ride so much! I also love how the ride worker made them turn around their hats. As if the ladybugs were going to spin so fast that there was a possibility of losing their hats. Hilarious.
These faces!!!
And the giant water ball. My kids always end up soaking wet. It is Murphy's Law.
A boy with a shooting ride. He is happy!
Selfies. Thanks for the goofy face dude.
There we go! That is the toothless grin I know and love!
He was a little proud of himself.
Love this crew!!
This kid is not really into selfies like his brother. He gets annoyed. BTW, I am riding the frogs and taking selfies. Yep, cool mom!
D gets cool mom points too. She stepped in when Cooper wasn't having the frogs.
Grady wasn't a big fan once they stared moving.
My big boys. Waiting patiently for their turn on the frogs. Yes, my husband LOVES the frogs.
These boys were done, ready for lunch so they started playing with the mens in the bushes. Silly boys!
HAHA! This face! I just love this little nugget!
I'm not sure who is more excited. My vote is on the hubs.
This thing. Oh I hate this thing. Thank goodness for the hubs who can take one for the team.
He is mine. All mine. Such the goofball!

Sweet, sweaty boy.
Crazy, sweet, sweaty boy!!
Ry and his buddy! My hubs is such the baby whisperer. Adorable.
This face is awesome!

He is crazy sweaty!
He has me wrapped. I love the fact that he loves to hold my hand. Please never stop.
"Hey Cooper, wanna go play in the water fountains?" Danger! Danger!
They did for about 3 seconds and then headed to the play area.
I don't know, sometimes I just can't explain him.
And then this happened.... His daddy was going to ride with him but there were too many adults on this ride so he couldn't. Chaz opted to go by himself. I was shocked.
So impressed.
And then it was off to the splash pad!
Nothing good can come from this....
HAHAHA! You guessed it. Splash, right in the face!
HA! I love this. Just love it! He didn't care at all. He thought it was funny!
They were soaked but having a BLAST!!
All Chaz wanted to do was get to the ball area. He missed it the first time because he was riding rides with his Daddy.
He was over it. Over it.
 Oh wait, guess who found the splash pad!
Soaked... totally soaked.
If the kids are good, I always let them play the games. They were all AMAZING!!! So we did the games.
And, of course, we had to make sure they all got basketballs.
Still over it. Isn't he adorable??
They loved their basketballs. And of course, in the law of Murphy, as soon as they got their prize, Dane lost it. Completely went bad and ran away from me... IN Silver Dollar City!!!! Mom's worst nightmare. Yes, I was totally that lady who spanked my kid, once I caught him after running dead sprint, and I don't care who judged me. He deserved it. What a way to end a lovely day. Ugh.
The hubs and Mike took Chaz on the cool boat ride. This is as good as I could get.
Seriously, we weren't even out of the parking lot. We were going to dinner and spending another night in the condo so this created a major dilemma...Eat a blue plate special early dinner and convince them to go to bed early? I mean we totally skipped naps except for this so maybe it would work. Oh the dilemma.
I received this for Destiny right after I took the above. We wore them out! Notice Cooper refused to drop the Ironman.
We did end up eating a super early dinner and then headed back to the condo to relax. Chaz got his favorite little buddy and curled up. He adores Grady and I think the feeling is totally mutual.
The other boys curled up on the couch to watch a movie. So cute!
Seriously melt my heart!
The next morning we headed off to the park before heading home. This picture kills me!!
We decided to hit the outlet before heading home. All Dane wanted to do was be Batman.
I think it is a wee bit too small for you buddy!
Great minds think alike. Look who we ran into at the mall. No, we didn't go with them. We were actually going to head home and the outlet was a last minute decision. I guess we just can't get enough of this family!
So cute! Check the upside down glasses!
We went ahead and ate lunch as a crew and then headed home. I love our Branson weekends with this group. They are just the best!!!
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