Monday, August 4, 2014

Benton County Fair // 2014

Yep, it was that time. Benton County Fair. Oh the Fair, so many childhood memories. This was a big deal when I was growing up. We didn't have a lot to do around Bentonville so when the fair came to town it was game on.

Now it is a little different but we still go. This is something we always plan to do with my parents. They are always game for madness.
We even took Meme along for the ride.
First stop was the livestock. Dane loves this part, Chaz plugs his nose and complains the entire time. HA!  It is the same, every year...
Dane loved the goats. LOVED them!!
We didn't stay there very long. We moved on to the outside where they has all the tractors.
The baby and his Papa!
I love my guys! But not that random dude in the middle. He isn't part of my crew.
They had all kinds of fun things for the kiddos to crawl on and sit in. Yes, my son now wants one of these.
And then we rounded to corner to see this... We stopped to watch but I didn't think my boys would do it.
Constantly surprising me!
Nice form!
Yes, even the baby took a turn!
He wasn't quite sure about the whole thing. And he is my adventurer!
And he was done..
Take me back.. If you didn't have this during your childhood, you are missing out!
And the fun house. Who didn't love a fun house when they were little.
Daddy took one for the team and jumped in the plane with the boys.
And then there was this. Super awesome motorcycles and two very unhappy boys. Why are they unhappy? Because this kid (yes, there was tone there) jumped in front of them and grabbed the driver's seat.
Not really happy...
And this is the baby giving me the "Mom, you think I should sucker punch him?" look.
Much happier when they are driving their own vehicles. No, this is not the same ride. I wasn't waiting in the long line to have the same thing happen again.
Why wouldn't you take the baby and the boy into the fun house??  Probably because the spinning wheel at the end is a little tricky for a two year old.
But the boy mastered it! He has his momma's balance
He decided he wanted to ride the roller coaster. I have a ton of pictures but they are all a GIANT blur. So this, stopped, one is what you get. Sometimes he surprises me with his little daredevil side.
We always have to play the games. Doesn't matter-- SDC, Vacation, anywhere. Gotta play a game and win some crap!
It was fun. We all got to play and won prizes. After this, we were pooped and headed home.
Another successful trip to the county fair! Fun times!!

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