Saturday, May 4, 2013

Alexis' Senior Prom // 2013

I also got to take Alexis' prom pictures. Fortunately, the weather was amazing and my subject was even more amazing! Just for perspective.. this is a picture of my senior prom and that little bit is Alexis
and here she is now.
 With the fam, love that Stephen matched her dress.. I am not 100% sure it was intentional.
 The girl and her Nana.
 My silly momma being silly and teaching Alexis how to blow proper kisses.
 Adorable sisters
 The girls and their grandpa.
 Their very silly grandpa
 Our sweet Meme!
 You have to toss in the baby and me!
 Another silly man. My Popsicle is such the goofball!
 I am not a fan of me in this picture. I was dressed to take the pictures, not be in them! But I LOVE the baby's face. I have no clue what he is doing but it is simply hilarious!
 Yes, duckface selfies are a must. I am not sure they even knew I took this but I think it is awesome!
Wait, is that a different guy? And does he match her as well. Yes, all of the above. Why you may ask? Because she had two dates to the prom. Yes, TWO! It is a very complex and confusing story but basically they both asked her and she made it work... right down to figuring out which guy would pay for the prom ticket, the corsage and the dinner. I am seriously still giggling.
 The girls!
 This kid tagged along to the square with us. He had the best time watching the big kids.
 More of the crew. 
 Seriously, this happened. In the middle of downtown Bentonville.
 Yes, I love her. She is precious, sweet, kind, funny and amazing. 

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