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June Randomness // 2012

Randomness here we come!

The very beginning of June we moved the boys to a new school. We liked the old school-- heck, we were there for over four years! -- but there was a new school with a lot of new experiences and opportunity for our boys so we bit the bullet and headed for change. If you know me, you know this is a very uncomfortable for me but over the years I am getting better and better at this.

Before we moved, Pinterest took over. And by took over.. I mean TOOK over!!!
You see all I really wanted to do was make a cute pot for each classroom and one for the front desk. But the Hubs decided we needed to do one for each teacher and one large one for the front desk. This upped my quantity from 3 to 9.  This wouldn't be so bad if I had left myself more than a day to do this little project. Ugh.
Big thanks to my hubs as he painted all the bases with chalkboard paint and then the top lip with yellow. I was then able to come home from work and finish them. Dane's teachers got his handprint on the back, Chaz's got his and the front desk got both hands. I then drew the ruler around the top lip.
 The other side said "Thank you for helping me grow!!"  I also had Chaz sign his. So stinkin' cute. It brought a little tear to my eye. Do not be fooled by the clock on the wall. It is off. It was more like 12:30am before we finished this little project.
This is as good as it gets for the first day picture. We were running late, a little out of sorts and all of the sudden I plopped them at the front door and said "Smile"  Not my best work.

We did a lot of Puffs eating in June..
This is the world of living with boys. I was coming in from work one evening and noticed this. Lord only knows how long it had been like this but it sure made me laugh. Yes, those would be Nerf bullets on my beautifully framed professional picture of Chaz's baby feet. This is my life!
More of my life is never knowing what the boy and his father will be up to after I put the baby to bed. Dane goes to bed a little after seven and Chaz goes to bed about an hour later. The things that can happen within that hour never cease to amaze me. This is what I found one evening when I ventured outside... Yes, that is the bicycle wash that Ryan made and my kiddo running through it holding a kite.
Shenanigans with the neighbors. If you follow me you know we welcomed some awesome new neighbors this summer. We have spent the majority of the summer playing in the yard and letting the kids be crazy kids. Well, this day the big kid (aka the Hubs) decided to join the fun and take the kids on a little ride. I think we are quickly upping our redneck stock.
We introduced Dane to popsicles. Yes, he is a BIG fan!
I love summer nights!!
I was packing a bag for something or another and the Hubs decided to put the baby in my ThirtyOne bag. He looks terrified but managed to giggle just a little at the end.
I do the majority of my Facebook surfing either standing in line at Walmart/Target or drying my hair. I know, I live a super exciting life. Anyways, while drying my hair one day I come across this... Yes, my sweet friend Jessica delivered her baby OH MY! Further details of the story--baby girl came WAY fast (obviously) it was the middle of the night, her toddler was in the car with her, the baby was delivered in the hospital parking lot (SO close!!) and the baby was delivered by a doctor (they called ahead) Think about knowing THAT story for the rest of your life. Oh my!! Congrats Jess and Jody!
Two of my favorite pictures to date. Lazy evening, sitting on the neighbor's back porch. I think they like each other :)
Ring pop + kid = blue tongue.
I wasn't sleeping well one night so I retreated to the guest bedroom. To my surprise, I woke up to find that this little one had decided to come snuggle with momma.
Hello Farmer's Market!! Love it. Every single time.
All he ever wants to do is climb this waterfall and all I ever think is, we have made it to the square hundreds of times.. could today be the day that he biffs it? Yes, that is my worry. One day he will end up the dripping wet kid at the Farmer's Market. Our days are numbered.
As you know, I love my iPhone. For many reasons but one of the top reasons is how I can take photos of stupidly random stuff that I see. Most pictures need a caption of "Nothing good can come from this" This instance is no exception.
Nope, couldn't be any funnier!
If you can't relate to this... you are no fun!
 Can't we just all agree with this? What the HECK is THAT?!?!?!
This is what happens when the Hubs has beers and a Nerf shotgun. Oh well, makes for a funny text to send to our good friends in Minneapolis who bought the gun for Chaz.
Fully lined Lightening McQueen costume.. in 100 degree weather. Please note there is a full set of clothing under this costume. This kid.
Guess who didn't take a good nap at school. Cold passed out in his GoPod. Awesomeness.
I made a drastic change in June. The hair. Bangs. WAY dark, almost black. I love it!!
I was trying to snap a quick picture for his 8 month birthday. Needless to say, this kiddo is on the move!
I don't know if this is a "having boy thing" or just simply having kids. There is nothing more fun than a laundry basket. Chaz was trying to teach this little bit of info to his younger brother. Forcefully but still teaching.
This picture makes me giggle every time.
Let me just tell you something about the Hubs. He is AMAZING!! Really, we may bicker with the rest of them, often try to prove each other wrong, etc but in the end we adore each other and it is the simple things that keep us together. Things like taking one for the team.. Yep, he does it. No questions, no complaints. To be fair he requires little to no sleep so it really works out ok for him. Me on the other hand? Not so much. He also realizes I did the night time feedings multiple times a night for four months. He doesn't complain at.all!! After Dane suffered his double eardrum rupture we have struggled to keep him down for the entire night. He is getting better but there are still nights here and there that require this..... God bless my Hubs.
We actually had a Saturday where we had nothing to do. The Hubs decided we needed to head to the Gentry Drive through Safari. I heart this place! What a great idea!! I left my camera at home so we had to rely on the iPhone. We decided to do the drive through part first. Kiddo out the sunroof. Yes, against the rules but he survived and didn't get eaten. No judging.
Babies and momma!
We got trapped on the road. Damn longhorns wouldn't move. I knew I hated Longhorns!! Boooo!!
Dane had a great time driving! He thought he was simply hilarious!

Ryan wrapped him in the steering wheel and decided to see what would happen. We all laughed so hard!
Dane helped me film this one. HA!
Ryan got in the cage with the baby monkey. Chaz was to young to get in but he wasn't having it anyways!
And he decided to hold a snake. YIKES!! It really freaked me out but even more-so when Chaz decided he wanted to touch it. All I would think was Chaz would never touch a snake.. but he did. Wowza!
Boy on a lion..

This little guy loved it! I have a feeling we will have many zoo visits in our future.
Chaz found a pole to climb. I mean, nothing better than climbing a pole, right??
He told me he was big and he could push brother. He did a great job! He is an awesome big brother!
Lots of pool time happened in June (and the rest of the summer) Chaz had a blast making a bridge. I am always amazed to see how his brain works. You can almost see his brain working as he tries to figure something out. He managed to build a workable bridge across mom and dad's pool. Nice work buddy!!
I love that he no longer has a fear of the water. He loves to swim, dive and put his head under the water. Yeah!!
My brother's dog fell in the pool and used Chaz a ladder. We convinced him it wasn't that bad.. but it was pretty bad. This picture doesn't really do it justice.
I love this face. Love it!
I just realized I never posted this. This is our Summer 2012 board. I actually found dry erase poster board. How cool is that?!?!?! I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was a great idea. The few weekends where we don't have anything to do we usually end up sitting around going "what do you want to do??" "I don't know, what do you want to do?!?!" Well, not only does this give us something to do but it also gives Chaz something to look forward to! We made the list together. Some things are really easy to do (i.e. water balloon fight, sidewalk chalk, ride bikes, etc) and some surround things I know we are planning on doing over the summer (i.e. trip to St Louis, White Water, Family pictures, etc) You will see many things come up through the blog, just keep an eye out. Gentry Safari is on there - check! Chaz loves to mark them off once we have done something on the list. I will definitely do this again next year!
Yeah buddy, they may be a little too small. The set came with shorts too. They are basically hot pants. Note: these pjs are his favorite and have been with us for years....years. He currently wears a size 6 pajama. These are 3T. Yep, too small. I hope to retire them sometime this summer. Wish me luck!

Happy June randomness!!!

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