Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sweet playground!!

The school across the road from us is about a year old. It will be the school that Chaz attends once he goes to Kindergarten. They were behind on putting in a playground for this school. I thought they would put it in immediately after they finished building the school last year, but no. They have had it functional for quite a few month now but we have never ventured over there. We have been eyeballing the playground from a far and always saying "We need to go play!!" Well, this beautiful Sunday afternoon we finally did go play!

The boys were pumped to get out in the sunshine and so were we! I can't wait for the MANY days in the sun this summer. Ahhhh. Vitamin D!
I am ever amazing by how big my boy is getting. He is fearless and so strong. I am impressed with everything he is doing lately. I will say it is a little hard for me to realize he doesn't really need a bunch of momma help.
He is also so stinkin' funny. He keeps us rolling!!
And then there is my little chill monkey. Yep, this is him 99% of the time. Actually, he usually has a grin from ear to ear but he is almost always on chill mode.
I decided he also needed some playtime on the slides, ladders and such.  He loved climbing the ladders and sliding down the slides with me!
Gotta love the static hair. This is a vivid memory from my childhood. Static hair and the slides shocking the crap out of me!
Razorbooty! This was one of my favorite outfits when Chaz was a baby and it is just a cute on this little rump.
More slide time with momma!
One of my favorite moments of the day. Chaz said "Momma, can you bring brother to me so I can hug on the little guy??" Yep, just let me get my camera :)
I spent some time in this super sweet swing. We were the only ones at the park so I had zero shame. It was amazingly comfortable. I think I will return soon. I couldn't stop talking about how nice it was. Chaz wanted to know what all the fuss was about.
When we play, we play hard. My goal is usually to get the kids to zonk out for a good nap. I was VERY successful with at least one of the two. How do their necks even bend like that?
A+ day at the park. I can't want for more and more! Happy getting-closer-to-summer day peep!!

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