Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WOOO PIG!! (Chaz's first football game)

When Cameron called and said he had free tickets to the season opener against Mississippi State, I have to admit.. I hesitated. I mean, I love the Hogs as much as the next guy but I am 1000 months pregnant, it was going to be about 100degrees, the game was at 6pm (late in the day, merging into dinner/bedtime for Chaz and tired time for mommy) Chaz has the attention span of his father, walking up the hill to the stadium (UGH)... I could go on and on.. BUT I sucked it up and decided I we could do this.

Friday night we welcomed in our Little Rock friends with a dinner at JJs, complete with a few Hog calls. Yes, we were those people.
My only request was that we did not start tailgating at the butt crack of dawn and we got a good lunch in the boy before we went. We were successful at both.  We arrived at the tailgate spot around 1230ish and the kid was excited. We brought all kinds of toys--footballs (of course) the soccer goal and ball, matchbox cars, etc..
We stopped and got Jackson on our way so he would have time to play with Chaz. They remind me of two old men talking ball over a cold one.
a cold Sprite that is..
They had a great time playing with all the toys. Jackson and Chaz play very well together which is such a blessing.
A little time with the Cars2 app on Mommy's phone.  Notice the sweat.. it was getting
I love these next few. Jackson totally knows all about the iPhone and apps but he is being very cautious to approach Chaz. He plays dumb and says ..
"So, whatcha doin?"
"Oooooh, is that a game???"  How stinkin' cute!!
and then it was time for an upgrade. iPad.  Yes, that is me in the background. I am trying my best not to pass out from the heat. Seriously.
Chaz decided it was WAY too hot for him and wanted to watch Transformers in the nice air conditioning of the car. I couldn't blame him so we whipped out the DVD player and turned on the car. Chaz ended up falling asleep ..... and so did I. WHEW, relief!! I think we stayed in the car for a good two hours. At one point I had to get out (the bladder was yelling at me) and realized Jackson had decided it was nap time too. Thank goodness these boys decided to nap. I think the game would have been miserable without one. 

Everyone got their second wind as we approached game time. We have a tradition of playing "Great Day to be Alive" by Travis Tritt before the game. It really just puts you in a good mood. I can't tell you how many years we have been doing this but about 2 hours (and who knows how many beers) before game time you will hear either David or Cameron say "Is it a great day??" and it is on. Goofy people who think they can sing and dance. Again, we are those people!!

While we were napping, Ryan and Cameron traveled around to multiple tailgating areas. They returned with foam fingers for the boys. You know, the things both fathers refuse to purchase at the store. Yes, those things. You would have thought they brought the boys a million bucks. They were so happy!!
Telling me how cool the finger is and how he will be taking it to the game.
I don't know... but it makes me giggle.
Then it was time to CALL.THOSE.HOGS!!!


Quick football game to get ready for the real football game. Always necessary.
We tried to get a quick family shot but the boy wasn't really cooperating.
Yep, that is a HOG baby!!  Big shout out to Cloud Nine Stitches for getting my dress made in less than 24 hours!! There is only so much I can stand to wear in 100 degree heat. This dress was perfecto!

Before you knew it, it was time to head up the hill. And a hill it was. Ugh!  But I give SUPER props to the hubs for carrying the boy the entire way! AND our seats were on the very far side of the stadium. Go Ryan!
Quick photo op on the way up the hill. I heart these two hogs!
Chaz checking the tickets. Once they were in his little hands, he wasn't giving the up.
We got there early enough (probably the earliest we have ever arrived at a game!) to see some of the warm up. Chaz wasn't impressed. He told me it was "taking awhile" to start the game.

But he and his foam finger waited very patiently for the game to begin.
As they played the National Anthem, I looked down and saw this.... I looked at Ryan and he just said "grab your camera!!" I don't know who he saw doing this but he decided this was what he needed to do. I heart him.

 He asked for peanuts and M&Ms. He got both. Daddy's pockets were as deep as needed in order to keep this little guy happy. It was hot, it was late and all we were hoping for was to make it to halftime.
We had some sweet newlyweds behind us. Chaz quickly made friends with them. I think they watched him more than they watched the game. Chaz was nice enough to ask them if it was ok before taking off his shirt. He was just so hot......and SO stinkin' cute!!

We had a great time and made it (barely) to halftime. What a wonderful memory for our little guy!! Oh and the Hogs won 51-7. GO HOGS!!

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