Monday, September 26, 2011

Picture time! Preggo belly and 4 year shots.

We decided to have the every so talented Philip from Novo Studios take some pictures for Chaz's 4 year and for my Dane maternity pictures. Chaz was in a bit of a "mood" that day so it was hard to get exactly what I wanted but I think they turned out great.  Here is a pic when I was preggo with Chaz. I can't believe how grown up my sweet little boy looks. WOW! 
Love, love, love this face. I think he is starting to realize that life is about to change.
This is probably one of my favorite pictures ever taken of this little guy. LOVE it!!
I love that Ryan felt compelled to put his finger in my belly button. Philip has such a great sense of humor and just kept snapping away!

Love this one as well. I simple can't wait to meet this sweet little boy.

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