Sunday, January 1, 2017

Ringing in the New Year // 2017

Pre-kids, our New Year's involved BIG plans and lots of planning. Then we had kids and New Year's was usually spent either at home or my parent's house. Now that they are a little older we ship them off to my parents and get in our pjs to head a few houses down... yeah, nothing huge happening around here but we enjoy it with friends and it is a really good time.

This year started out a little slow, waiting on some peeps to show up with a riveting game of giant Jenga.  Yes, that is my hubby in full on pjs.
I mean, most of us were just watching but it looks like the hubs and Casey were having a ball. BAHHAHA! It really doesn't take much for us to have fun these days!
And yes, the hubs shaved his November beard into this nonsense. Anything for a laugh!
Nothing says New Year's like some dated glasses! Love these two!
And these girls! Oh and the Casey blur! HAHAHA!
Now we have livened up a little! Selfie sticks are necessary for some fun!
I haven't a clue what I am doing but this one really makes me giggle for some reason!
Cards of Humanity is a necessary with these crazy people!
Just take a minute.. there is SO much goodness in these pictures!
Love him....even when he looks a little nutty!
Friends and drinks. Winning!
Oh Lucas..
Looks like they are bored and on their phones?!? Nope, they are looking for some killer music. Yep.
Success is noted by Dave's dance!
And sanity is gone once the music comes on. We may be a little old but we sure are a LOT of fun!!  BAHAHAHA!!
These people. God love them!!

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