Friday, July 1, 2016

Hillapalooza // 2016

And we are at it again Hillapalooza 2016. Translation - the gather of 11 kids and 11 adults for a week of shenanigans, chaos and so much fun!!!

We all take a day and have dinner at our respected houses. This night, not necessarily the first as it may just be the first one I pulled out my actual camera, was at the Cam/Marcy Hill's. Brady is the oldest of the Hill cousins and is very tolerable of hanging with the kiddos. The boys flock to him as if he is their big brother. It is all about Brady! 
 Dane, as usual, tends to do his own thing. As long as he has his mens and avid imagination, he is all good!!
 Except when he sees me and decides to be ultra dramatic. HAHA!
 Madilyn is just a precious little sweetheart!
 And boys will be boys. If it isn't video games, it is sports.
 Touchdown Hill!!
 These faces! I can't even 😁
 Cooling off with ice cream is ALWAYS a good idea!
 Taking a good picture of 4 eight year-old boys is no easy task.
 They certainly don't try and make it easy on me...
 And then this happened. We all agreed Brandon had the distinct look of Squints from Sandlot, he just needed glasses... Well, thankfully Dah had the perfect pair because this happened..
 SQUINTS!!!! I am going to call this a MAJOR win! Probably one of my favorite pictures EVER!!
 And then the rain came out of nowhere and the kids when crazy!!!
 I love this face!
 So much going on in this picture.. Has Brandon face planted?!?! Is Chaz doing the walk like an Egyptian dance??
 Even the girls got out in the rain!
 But not like the boys! Crazy kids!
 Dane decided to take off his shirt and play with the girls!
 She is not so sure about this.
 Free as a bird!! A crazy bird but a bird nonetheless.
 And then they finally broke loose and decided it would be fun. It was clearly pouring rain!!
 Sweet Syd!
Go crazy kids. The parents will just be over here drinking our beers and hoping you sleep well tonight!
 We saw the most beautiful rainbow! The pictures don't do it justice!
 But they were still going strong and soaking wet!
 Loves her!
And her
 And them! So crazy! And they are less than a month apart in age!
 There is that pretty rainbow again!
 Why wouldn't you splash in puddles?!?! I mean they are there... and it makes for a fun blurry picture!!
 Happy girls!!
 Love these kiddos so very much!!
 So pretty!!
 And when one climbs the fence, they all climb the fence!
 Originally they were climbing over to get the ball but then it turned it into this.
 Wait, where are you going?!?!
 Yep, made him do it! HAHAHAHA!
 All the girls!
 Sweet boy was scared to get down. He had no clue he was about 6 inches from the ground.
 And then they brought in the big guns for football. This could be fun or tragic, you never really know.
As the girls played on the wet trampoline.
And Dane attempted to dry off... in his skivvies.
Back to the boys.
And the crazy girls. They were having an absolute blast!

As were they!
My handsome fella!
Man down!!
These faces! 😂
He wanted in on the action too!
And then the real football player had to get in on the action! The boys were so excited, they idolize Brady!
And then for real, boys will be boys.. peeing on the fence!
And Chaz and Jackson giggling uncontrollably at the twins!
Brad modeling a tiny sweater I believe was Cameron's or maybe a hand-me-down between all the boys!
The next morning we hung out at Meghan's neighborhood pool while the big boys went golfing.
So much fun in the sun!
Proof it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows.  HAHAHA!
Sweet girls!!
The next day we made it to the water park! I mean, what else do you do when it is crazy hot??!?
Buncha hoodlums on the lazy river!

And some crazies on the high diving board! Go Campbell!
Yes, even he did it! They actually made us take off his life jacket, which is super odd to me but the Hubs was in the water to catch him!
Hovering or pencil diving?!?
Anna's turn!
I love how little he looks in this line! So fearless!
Then the Hubs and his older brother decided to go down the wedgies blaster, as I like to call it!  This is the Hubs.
And this is Brad. I'm not sure either were big fans!
My sweet nugget!
Silly girls!
This face! LOVE!!
Back to the high dive, his fav!

That evening we had dinner at Aunt EA's pool house in her neighborhood! It is a fantastic facility that holds all 22 of us very comfortably! And the kids found the work-out room! HA!
After dinner it was pool time!
See that poor guy over on the other side of the pool? Yeah, he isn't part of our crew. He doesn't even know the crazy he just walked into. Poor guy!
Nice one, Brandon!!
And Chaz comes in with the flying surfboard!
Sweet boy!

Baby toss!!
Love this one!
I have no idea what this is about but I think he is adorable!
The next night was at our house and if you ask me, there is nothing better than summertime and sprinklers!!!
Other than sprinklers, a HUGE slip-n-slide may be one of our favorite things too!!
They were having a blast!!

And, of course, Stone wanted to get in on the action!
Happy pup!
She was literally going down the slide with them! The kids thought it was a riot!!
She was tired! You know how parents say "The kids will sleep great tonight!" This is how I thought about Stone after playing so hard!

All the adults were congregated around the table chatting, the littles were upstairs watching a movie and we walked through the living room to find Brady like this... yes, he is asleep. How does this even happen? Teenagers are so strange :)
The next morning the Hubs may have bought the four eight year-olds Emoji pillows. Can you guess who is who?
They did a skit for us. HAHA!
And that evening we had dinner at my in-laws. We tried very hard to get a picture of all the cousins but Dane wasn't really having it!
And then in full tradition, the kids sang a song  Marcy and Cameron wrote many years ago. They love to do this and really giggle through the entire thing!
Someone found a buddy!
I don't even know.. I loves him.
Our Aunt EA. We loves her so very much!!
Aren't they just precious!?!?
And sometimes the children get a hold of my camera.
Now THIS is an eye mask!!
Isn't she just a doll!?!?!
She shared with me!
Creepy, huh?!
She also shared with Chaz!
Supermodel. Hilarious!
My biggest kid.
This is one of my favorite pictures of the fab four!!
This. 😁😁
These three look like trouble!
As usual,  such a fun week! We enjoy our time with the cousins, the siblings, their spouses, the grandparents and Aunt EA! These kids get along fantastic too! Excellent Hillapalooza 2016!!!

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