Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Super kids day // 2016

Super Kids Day is a Happy Hollow celebration of the end of the school year! It is hot, wet and oh so much fun!

Oh and you get to bring your little brother who will leave his own mark on the day, starting with ice cream!
Chaz and his buddies immediately headed to the tug-of-war. I mean, why wouldn't you? It is over a POOL!
Cooooooome oooooonnnnnn!
And this sweetness! Owen loves our little one just like he is his own!
He asked if he could take Dane up the big slide. Dane jumped on the opportunity!
Chaz went too but I was way too slow to get his picture!
Fishing for marbles with your toes is always one of my favs. It is hilarious how competitive they get with this!
Chaz and Dane were on a team. Precious!
He NEVER lets me take his picture! Thanks Hud!
I am pretty sure Owen just gained a new BFF
Fourth graders got to be in the dunk booth. To say Chaz was excited to dunk Aven would be a total understatement.
Nailed it! We love you, Aven!
He literally got her all three times. It was awesome! She was laughing so it was fine!
Back to the Dane and Owen show. Hilarious!
It took some convincing.
And back to the ice-cream stand.
Elli being a goof ball! I heart her!
Yet another goof ball! I love him too!
The BEST slide ever!! And yes, that is my I-have-no-fear kiddo.
I didn't make it to the other side to see him go down but it looks like it was successful!
And maybe a little cold.
Oh look, it is my other kid. You know, the one who actually goes to this school! I couldn't keep up with him and watch the little so I handed Dane off to his Dad and decided to chase this kid for a bit!
But hanging with his friends is SO much more fun. At what age to they not let me come to school anymore??
Elli was LOVING the big slide!
This may be my favorite sequence of the day. Just wait. I promise it is amazing.
TOLD YA! 😂😜😜😂
She thought it was super fun!
There is my crazy second grader!
Wet. Super wet.
I think they were all a little cold!
And then this shows up! So cool.
Spot check. Yep, still with the pops.
And this was the point that Sophie changed her mind. Not happening.
But big sister was in!
Nice work, Aven!
And Ethan! He was too fast for me!!
Chaz loves the littles, as always. And Beckett is certainly one of his favs.
And sometimes you are born with a fun momma. Jill is certainly one of those! I am still wishing I would have done this!
Hud went first. Obviously, they opted to be safe!
This face is a fav!
And then it was his momma's turn! Crazy pants.
OMG, I love this girl!
So fun! Such a fun memory for them both!
And the hubs ended up with one of his favs!
Nice look, hotstuff!
I am not sure what is going on here with Ella but I am sure she is explaining a lengthy story about something that went wrong.
But just stop talking and smile, cutie!
Ok, E, let's do this again!!
I mean, can you even?!?! BAHAHAHA!
I'm thinking it was a little chilly!
Again with the O and D show. I seriously love these two!!
Could he be any cuter!?!?!
The hat. The face. The hair.
Air born!
And peace out.
He loved it! Every second of it!
And then we looked over and the firetruck was spraying! It was awesome! I had to back up a TON so I didn't get soaked!
Of course my oldest child was right in the middle of the fun!
And he is on his phone and holding Beckett... I.can't.even.
Do you spot my tiny child in the middle of all this crazy? Not a care in the world!
He got a little wet! BUT he got a popsicle!
Of course he was back to the tug-of-war! He loves this!
I love these faces!
And look at those little muscles!
Uh oh, looks like the weight is shifting!
I'm pretty sure my kid abandoned ship and Elli is about to sink!
Well, at least he came back to try and help!
These three! Goofballs!
I'm not sure they saw my vision with this picture and I was too busy laughing to do anything to fix it!
This girl is so silly!
More tug-of-war?!?!
Race time!

Of course Owen is playing in the mud! HA!
Such a fun day!!
And a little muddy.
This is seriously one of my favorite traditions! Love Super Kids Day!!!

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