Sunday, June 5, 2016

Happy Hollow Naturals game // 2016

One of the fundraisers for Happy Hollow is the crew going to the Naturals Game. It really is a good time! We met up with Brooke and the kids and made a day of it!
These boys are precious! They have been friends for 5 years! Crazy!
All these kiddos were pumped to sing for NWA!
I love these boys!
And this one! Little brother is so loved by all the "big kids" at Happy Hollow!
Yes. Go Cubs!
Goofy kids!
Getting ready to sing!
These two are just awesome! I am not sure why Chaz is flashing the mean mug but whatever!
Nice work, kiddos!
And some behind the scenes action!
So fun. So hot!
Nothing like a ballpark pretzel!
Precious Tay!
Hiding under my legs.
And he fell asleep on me. He was SO heavy!! And SO zonked.
And when he woke, he still wanted to sleep. Preciousness.
Such a fun day! We love Happy Hollow!!!

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