Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ethan and Beckett's birthday // 2016

When your best friend has two kiddos with bdays within a month of each other and she invites you to brave Chuck E Cheese with her, you are all in! Let's be honest, my kiddos LOVE the big mouse place. What kid doesn't?!? They don't realize it is CrAzY loud, there are approximately 12,308,928 people and 1,209,978,798,290,938,383 germs on every surface..... but we don't care. We love it!

And when this silly game is working, my big boy is on cloud nine!
Sophie playing my FAVORITE game!!
And the boy playing another one of my favs!
Daddy and the baby taking in a little racing action!
Love me some Ella. Super love me some Ella on a horse!
One of the bday boys! It was more of an overhand chunk vs the clean, calculated roll of others! Loves him!
And his patience was certainly showing! BAHAHA!
Danger. Danger.
Sister got her turn too!
Big sister tossing it up!
And the other bday boy! Such a happy dude!
Every.time. And he always wins, usually it is legit.
I love this look of concentration.
Seriously, buddy, one of my favs!!
He is ready to roll!
I have NO idea what is going on with Chaz's butt crack hair! HA! He loves this little dude so much!
Hands down one of my favorite faces on the planet!!!
And he was ready to boogie with the big mouse.
Birthdays are about smiles and happiness and these two are full of both!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY(S)!!! Hilarious.
Cake face.. precious.
And the toys!!
So happy!
Happy birthday to these two little dudes! We are so blessed to have you guys in our lives! You bring so much happiness and joy! I can't wait to celebrate so many more with you!

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