Saturday, June 25, 2016

Camp War Eagle // Chaz // 2016

 So we made many leaps the past few years and this Summer just added one more to the list... we sent Chaz on a week long over night camp! WHAT?!?! Is he really old enough for this? I think I asked myself that about 1,349,583,405,934,850 times. I made sure he had a buddy to go along with him. For some reason this calmed my momma heart. It also calmed the other momma's heart! And Chaz and Miles were super excited to be going to camp together!

A few weeks before camp we took some time to outline the activities he wanted to do. There were some obvious ones-- baseball, basketball, aqua adventure, photography... but there were some surprises too -- Mountain Men, Archery, Riflery?!?!?!
 We were packed days in advance. Complete with outfits rolled together, special surprises for our camper, notes from us, etc. He was pumped, I was beyond nervous! Either way, we were headed to camp! 

We drove out to drop off our first born. Who knew the drop off would be such an adventure?!?! So many things. A torrential downpour, so much so that they stopped traffic and drop offs due to lightening.  Almost four hour drop off timestamp, yes FOUR! Naps for everyone, except the driver.
 Potty breaks for the kiddos were a must-- notice the dangling feet!
  And then we were finally at the cabins. They herded us in and then shipped the parents off in about 2.5 seconds.  A four hour trek and I barely got a hug goodbye. Well then. Peace out, little dude. I hope you have a blast!
 Their door sign!
 I was able to send him emails but he wasn't able to communicate back. I knew he would be fine but I still trolled the website to possibly catch a glimpse of my camper. I was so happy to see some great photos of him having an absolute blast!
 Running... always happy to run!
 His bunk crew!
 My sweet boy! I am so proud of him for taking this leap!
 We did the same trek back to get him. Thankfully, it wasn't near as long! He was excited to see us, I think, and couldn't stop talking about what a fantastic time he had at camp. I just kept staring at him, thinking how big he was!
 We hung around for the closing ceremonies! So much fun!
 And I am pretty sure his brother was very happy to see him!
 I loves them!!!!
 I love that I got this postcard from my boy. I am very confused (with a side of giggle) on how he spelled Jesus. What in the world? I asked him about it when he got home and he started dying laughing. He said he had "no idea what I was thinking!!" BAHAHA! It is ok, kid!
 I also received this very sweet note from one of his counselors. Preciousness!

 And Chaz received this one. It made him grin from ear to ear!

And then, a few months later, Chaz got this for his birthday! A+, Camp War Eagle!!

It isn't easy for a momma bird to let her little guy fly but, as nervous as I was for him, I am SO glad we did it. He had such a great time, made some new friends, gained a tremendous amount of independence and just can't stop talking about going back next year!!!

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