Monday, May 23, 2016

Spring All Star game and party // Chaz // 2016

The real last game of the season was the Allstar game. So lucky that our little guy was picked for this team. He was so excited! And to be able to play with some amazing boys!!
Batter up!

Nice work, Mac!
Nice work, Jackson!
And he is up!
Back at it at catcher!
Sweet Owen and Mac!
I LOVE the pig pen of dust! Love!
And another two runs!
This face!
Cousins on the field!
Brother on the ground, in the dirt, with his mens.
Nice work, Jackson!
And yes, always taking pics of the buddies.
Get it, K!
Nice work!
More friends!
Love this one! Crazy kid!
Mac. Classic Mac.
Back at catch.
Get it!!
Good game, boys!
Chaz and one of his best buddies.

I love these kiddos! They played hard!
Total goobers!
And then it is get Bo dirty because it is his birthday!
These boys. Once again, total support all around!
And complete goofballs.
Next was the year end celebration! We gathered our team and the Dragons for some fun in the sun!

And no, we didn't forget to invite the little siblings who have supported their brothers all season!!
Nothing like a little slip-n-slide baseball game!!
Chaos is fun!
These boys. SO much fun!
Can you say taunting??
Pure joy!
This face!
After one fierce game, much more than I thought it would be, it was off to the pool!
And what is a party without a cookie cake! I sure was a great season!!

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