Friday, May 6, 2016

Lilian's 2nd bday // 2016

You know I love a good birthday, so what better little bit to celebrate than this girl! Lil is such an awesome little kid. So adorable and full of life and spunk!
We were there a little bit before everyone else so Lil was very helpful in hamming it up just for my camera!
Nothin' cuter!
Well, maybe this buncha blur. I LOVE THIS! She was on cloud nine!
Then it was party time and the rest of the crew wanted in on our fun!
Chaz is FANTASTIC with little kids. Sometimes he doesn't really get along with his brother, other times he is great, but he is always great with all the neighborhood, family and friend's kiddos. Obviously, Lil is no exception.
She is pretty smitten with him as well. He made up a game where the littles would push him back and he would fall down. If you could hear the giggles in this picture you would be so happy!
And then, as it always does, the tossing of the kids ensued. The hubs is always such a good sport.
Yes, this is still going on. I am not sure if he will be able to escape now. HA!
And this is the aftermath of the kid tossing! HAHAHA!
And sometimes the dads, and maybe the moms, think they are kiddos. Seriously, SO fun to watch!
And these two were having THE best time! You know I LOVE the blur!
A daddy and his princess! Nothing like it!
I think these may take the cake, birthday pun totally intended! So fun!
The big boys came up with a game where they run and try to clear the gap. It was fun and exhausting to watch!
So close!
Mind you, there was WAY more than two attempts here but he did it!!
Kids stuck in the foam. So funny! I remember being a kid in gymnastics and getting stuck in the foam. I would lose my sock, roll around like a whale and feel like the childhood fear of quicksand really had come true! I feel your pain, sister!
This hair. This madness. I love it all!
KSue is such a happy little nugget!
Sweet Blair.
Uh oh. She is going down. The tired has already set in!
THIS. I totally forgot about this but it may be my favorite flip sequence EVER!! Thanks, Lemley!
This one is good too but not as good. These faces!
And the blur faces. BAHAHA!
This is the nice toss. He is obviously nicer than the hubs.
Leighton and his tongue.
Sweet girl!
Lily and Chloe. Such sweet sisters!
And the hubs is back. I have no words. I mean, honestly there are no words. Just scroll. It is THAT good.
So good that it temped Aaron to jump in too! Again, just scroll! It is SO good!
And yes, the dads often overshadow the kid activities with their craziness but it is so worth it!!

Dave getting in on the kiddo toss!
The big boys. Who knows what they are up to!?!?! I think they were dancing but I am not 100% sure!
Chloe getting in with the big boys. She is such a character!
Racing. Always racing.
And of course she is following him. She LOVES Chaz!
Not sure what is happening here but I am certain Dane deserves every bit of it!
And then his buddy swooped in to save him! Good job, Jack!
And AJ!  Sorry, Mr. Ricky!
This shot of Elli is money! SO much perfection!
She is such the doll!
These boys were sweaty and ready for pizza and cake!
I am certain she can see it, right?
She is trying. That is for sure!
I love this and just her eyes.
And in comes mom for the win!
"Leighton, you have something on your mouth"
I really don't think he cares. I think he wants a nap. HA!
And I believe the bday girl had a great time and is clean tuckered out!! Bless her precious little heart!
 Miss Lil, I hope you had a fantastic birthday! We can't wait to celebrate so many more years to come. You have become like one of our family in the two short years of your life and we can't wait to see what the next year brings for you. Here is to wishing you all the love and laughter you can possibly handle as a two year old!

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