Saturday, May 7, 2016

Kelsey's Jr Prom // 2016

 When you get a phone call saying "Hey, can you meet me Saturday to take some prom pics?" You say "YES!!" I mean, why not. I get to see all these pretty dresses and pretty girls, who btw could be my daughters!!! And take pics. Sign me up! My subject was Kelsey (the beauty in the red dress) If you don't know by now, she is my cousin's youngest daughter. She was born when I was in college (OMG!)
 This crew plays softball so the first instruction was to meet them at the field. They wanted to get down on the field or at least in the dug-out but that was nixed pretty quickly! We are not getting all that prettiness dirty! No way!!
 Pretty girls!
 I loves her!
 You wouldn't think getting them to stand like this would be a challenge but good mercy me. I was almost in tears with laughter!
 Kelsey with our Meme, her great grandmother. Preciousness that the girls and my boys get to grow up with her. SUCH the blessing.
We won't even talk about how Kels is a good head and a half taller than her. She does have on heels but still.  Meme is shrinking, we are sure of it. Isn't she just the cutest thing you have ever seen??!?!
 Kelsey and her Nana. Love this too! Yes, we have more shorties in our fam than tall peeps. HA!
 And with her momma!
 And just the pretty girl.
 More friends!
 Love the red. Back a bajillion years ago when I went to prom I wore red too. Yep, that was me, trying to be a cool kid!!
 Meme... always the helper.
 God love this woman!
 I was pretty sure they were about to get this poor kid in the jugular.
 I mean, how many people does it take???

 With her Grandpa. They are buds.
 And yes, he falls in the tall peeps part of the fam. HA!
 And he is funny. I am not sure he meant to do a kiss face but you can bet your butt I am going to post it!
 His face. BAHAHA!
 Kelsey and 3/4 of the reds. The other is my momma and she wasn't there.
 More friends!
 The softball pose. So cute!!
 And the dab. This is the day I learned what the dab was..... and that I am old.
 No clue but I bet it is a "thing" I am too old to understand.
 Now these two were just precious. And so stinking funny!!
 When you accidentally snapchat something you didn't mean too. BAHAHA! Silly kids, we carried our phones in bags when I was in school!
 So cute!
 You know I make my favs black and white. LOVE this one!!
 And here it is in color.
 I love this one too!!
 Thugs. Just kidding, they are great kids!
 Cute girls!
 Love this view!
 More friends!
 And Kelsey lost the heels by this point!

 Put back on the shoes to take the shoe picture.
 Again, something cool kids do that I am clearly not privy to!
 The dab.
 The ladies. Love this one!
 The dudes.
I am fairly certain all 2,308,374,023,840,238,274,982,030 people at this place took a picture on this staircase. We actually had to wait in line.
 Much better!
 More dabbing.. All the cool kids do this. Apparently.
 Such good, sweet kids.
 Her momma made her take a picture with me. Her old cousin with no makeup. Oh well, I love it anyway!
 And then I rounded the corner to see this cute little sight. Obviously, those aren't her heels.
 The prom peeps with the fam.
 Kelsey with her fan club!
 She is so loved, so pretty and so sweet! I really love this kiddo!

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