Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jason Aldean Concert // 2016

When your best concert girl asks you to join her to see Jason Aldean and the hubs offers to chauffeur to and from, you say HELL YEAH!! And you bring a lot of cash for concert beers.

*In my defense, they open them all when they give them to you*
Love this girl and we have SUCH a great time concerting together!

And it almost ALWAYS rains on us!!! This one wasn't nearly as bad as Lady A. We got sprinkled on but it wasn't that bad. We would put on our ponchos and then the sun would come out. It was a little ridiculous and hilarious.
It looked way worse than it turned out to be.
We were fine. Promise.
Ponchos back on....
So good. You can't really see anything in my pictures but he was SO good.
This is after we dropped April off but yes, the hubs loaded the kids up to come get us. After the neighbors saw this picture they were like "Ummmm, we could have walked over to your house and stayed there until Ryan got home.. no need to move the boys" HA. Never thought about that. Next time.

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