Friday, April 15, 2016

SDC // April with the Lanes // 2016

SDC with the Lanes. We try to do this a few times a year but this year was a total must because they are moving to Chicago in June and we won't have these opportunities as much as we have in the past. So when D hits me up with the "You ready for SDC" text. The answer is certainly "Hells yes!!"  I did kind of miss the weather note when we all rolled out in TShirts and my boys in shorts. It was a little chilly. Oops. Mom fail!

Started my day with this one. I am determined to have him be my roller coaster buddy. I LOVE coasters and I want him to love them too. It is a challenge but I am willing to accept said challenge.
This boy has his favs and the #1 is the little swings.
Coop in the neon. He doesn't look like he is having a blast but I promise he is.
And now we are moving!!
Love this face! I think he is having fun now!
Off to the lady bugs. Have I mentioned Cooper will NOT be my roller coaster buddy. Nope, never. Not happening. This is as good as it gets and sometimes we don't even get this. I love him. Maybe one day he will surprise me!
Chaz is so good. He "deals" with being with the littles so well. He just does whatever is available. Such a good kiddo.
Ok, sometimes he gets irritated. HA!
My most hated. I seriously loathe this thing. BUT the boys love it.
Note the sliver of my hubs on the left. He takes the hit on this one. I just can't do it!!!
Yes, we all piled into the minivan. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the minivan?!?!? We can take two families to SDC and all fit in one car??! Score! That is Chaz's hand feeding him. Pure sweetness.
And this. BAHAHAHA! Do you think he is tired much??
After dinner we had a little playtime at the condo park. Chaz and Grady have such the bond. Always have and I hope they always will.
Parents of the Year!
After we wore them out and cleaned them up a little, we tossed them in the bed for a movie. They are so fun!
And these two. Stop.
The bond between these boys is amazing! I love that they have a friendship just like all their parents. Priceless.
The next morning we were up for some more park time.
Yes, he has a tail. His pants are on backwards but he refuses to admit it.
Feeding the fish.
Trying to convince Uncle Mike of who knows what.
We played for a long time and then headed to the outlet mall. After that it was food and back to the Ville. So much fun with such great friends. We love them dearly and will miss them when they move. BUT I know we will still do fun things like this! It is just a must!

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