Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ella's birthday // 2016

When it is time for this spunky little thang's birthday, we bowl! I love birthdays!!!!
And so do my boys!! He didn't understand why he couldn't have the biggest and heaviest balls. HA! They weigh more than him! Not really but close!
These kids are actually pretty good.
She was having a b.l.a.s.t!!
Chaz is a pretty darn good bowler himself! I was so impressed!
This is how I bowl... but I am pretty sure she was better than me!
He loved it. Even if it wasn't always his turn. *eyeroll*
Such a sweet and helpful friend!
I don't know what this face is about but is is SO Ella so I had to keep it!!
Loves her!
Trying to practice his patience.
Still working on it.
FINALLY it was his turn!!
Get it, Lemley!!
Ethan was all about it!
I love this nugget!!
I love friends who cheer on other friends too! They were so excited!!
She "stole" my glasses. BAHAHA!
This one. This may be my absolute most favorite picture EVER of this sweet girl!! Totally Ella.
And then there is this one.
And his copy cat! HA!!
All the friends!
She was just SO happy!!!
He was d.o.n.e.
Sweet girl! Such a cutie!
They are buds... and Dane is done.
Back at it!
KSue! Obviously, by the bouncing hair, she was pumped!
Yes, my son bowls better than I do. SCORE!
What are the odds. BAHAHA!!
Back for more!
I LOVE this face!!
I love THIS face. BAHAHA!
What in the world?
I love these kids!! As usual, it is quite the challenge to get a picture of them all being perfect but it made for such fun pictures!

Cutie pies!!
Was it funny?!?!
All smiles!
Present time!
Happy birthday, sweet girl! You are so amazing! We adore you and all your sass! My birthday wish to you is for the next year to bring you so much happiness and laughter! You deserve the best!!

Yes, I HAD to post this photo again because it is just SO awesome!! We love you, Ella!!!

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