Saturday, April 2, 2016

Cooper and Grady's Bday // 2016

Two of my favorite littles on the planet have a party? You bet we will be there!! *Chaz and the hubs were not able to attend due to a prior commitment*

I just adore Cooper and Grady. They are so close to our hearts and we would do anything for these boys!

My little was so excited to go crazy at the Little Gym!! Dane, of course, was one of the first ones in!!
Sweet, crazy boys!
Campbell decided she should join the craziness!
I am pretty impressed with his balance. I mean, he is his mother's kid.... and he has a very low center of gravity. HA!
Have I mentioned he is crazy!?!? Love this kid!
He had me rolling!!
I think he gave some others confidence! HA!
Seriously the Little Gym people were like "Woah, ummm ok.. Ummm, slow down. Wow!"
Look at all these sweet littles!!
Grady wasn't really having this so he cuddled on his daddy's lap.
And then it was time for the bday boy to knock down the block!
Grady just wanted the dot. HA! Goofy kiddo.
Daddy stepped it up and helped Grady knock it down. So cute!
And then time for my crazy. Crazy pants.
Campbell. I LOVE this one!!!
Round 2!

Look at him! LOVE!
Gotta get that dot!
I haven't a clue but I love this girl!
Oh Mike.
And of course, it is our favorite thing!!
This face!
Oh little Davis!
One of my favs. She made for some great pictures this day!!
And crazy.
And more crazy.
This one. I think this is the part where they seriously lost their minds. Amazing!
Seeeeeeeeeee, no sanity. None whatsoever.
Hi, other bday boy!
Oh yeah, crazytown is still going on behind me. Don't worry. I just can't stop posting the pictures because they are SO freakin' awesome!!
Time for the deflate.
Awesome cookie cake!
My sweet boy! He had a blast!
And if I had to guess, this guy had a good time too!

"Cookie cake is Awwwwweesssssssssssssssssooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeee"
I love this face so much!!
I love these little buddies.
Happy birthday to two of my favorite littles! You are both just so awesome!!

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